Are Gemstones the New Fashion Trendsetters for these days

  November 29, 2016
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Towards this end, therefore, great thought is given to the selection of colours, raw materials used and designs. Many even feel that their choices of apparel and accompanying accessories are equally important for making a fashion statement. This could be the reason for mesmerising gemstones attracting so much of attention everywhere.

Have gemstones always been viewed as fashion trendsetters?

No, for in earlier days, people generally considered gemstones to be part of cultural practices and traditional rituals. It did not matter if they were studded onto necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, finger rings, earrings or toe rings. They were deemed as sacred. Many went one step further by fashioning talismans, charms and amulets from gemstones, for driving away evil forces and jealousies. They would even use them to attract love or good luck.

To illustrate, bold maidens would grind shining Pearls and pour the powder into a bottle of wine. A glass of this specially prepared wine or love potion sufficed to bring their chosen ones to their knees.

Similarly, Buy Blue Sapphire online and Turquoise were awarded great reverence. The former served to avoid capture by cruel enemies, as well as encourage the building of loyal friendships. The latter provided information about hidden dangers by changing its colour. An amulet created from Turquoise would bring good fortune.

Warriors from Red Indian tribes had great faith in Garnets, believing that they would bring victories in wars.

The gemstones scenario underwent a change gradually. People began to comprehend that gemstones enhanced the beauty of jewellery items to a tremendous extent. They could even be used to display social status and wealth. Of course, the faith in their abilities to bring about changes in lives and personalities never died; it continues to exist. Thus, you can say that in modern times, precious gemstones are awarded dual value. They are esteemed as jewellery, as well as astrological gemstones remedies.

What are the astrological advantages of gemstones?

According to Vedic astrology, the matter within the human body is greatly affected by the positive or negative cosmic vibrations being directed towards Earth by different planets in the skies. As a result, your bodily chakras and hormonal secretions become imbalanced. Your mind, spirit and body are totally out of alignment. You will comprehend by the situations and challenges that you face in your daily life, as well as your tranquil or harassed reactions to every single one of them.

Gemstones, especially if purchased from reputed dealers like, will display their metaphysical and healing properties in a marvellous way. To illustrate, Pearl will help you regain your serenity and strength of character. Garnets and diamonds are great for improving your personal sexual life, as well as affectionate bonding with family members and friends. Thus, each precious stone has its own way of restoring balance within your body, mind and soul.

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