Astrologers recommends Different Gemstones for a Particular Horoscope

  November 29, 2016
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However, this should hold true only for fake predictors of the future, who pretend to have loads of knowledge about the “Science of Light”. If you visit reputed and genuine astrologers, you will have nothing to worry about. You will be advised to wear only that gemstones, which is in perfect harmony with your horoscope.

Do you really need the advice of a Vedic astrologer?

Yes, you definitely do!

Only an experienced astrologer will be able to understand the complicated details outlined on your horoscope. This chart had been prepared soon after you were born, taking into account the time and date of your birth, the positions of the planets in the Heavens and the interactions between them. Your future actions would be dictated by this natal chart. Obviously, your parents had consulted another reputed astrologer at that time for creating your birth chart. After all, neither they, nor you, are capable of reading the divine messages sent out by planets or gemstones.

The Vedic astrologer does not base his predictions and recommendations on superstitions or myths. This is because both, astronomy (dealing with the universe) and astrology (dealing with the cosmic link between gemstones and planets), are sciences. Knowledge should always be respected, for it is acquired with effort, and over time.

You are well aware that there are 12 zodiac signs. Numerous people across the globe are born under the same sun sign. Regardless, each member of this group is different from the other in terms of birth chart, constitution, upbringing, emotional weaknesses and strengths, cultural beliefs, religious practices, thought patterns, energy levels and actions. Furthermore, there is a subtle and invisible energy field or aura surrounding each individual. One person’s aura is bound to be different from another’s. As a result, the astrologer cannot go in for generalisations like allotting a specific gemstone to all the members belonging to a particular zodiac sign. Every person in this world is unique.

The astrologer decides which amongst the nine planets will favour you, and which will harm you. Vedic astrology terms these nine planets as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Each planet has its own colour and its own energy. The former enters your aura in the form of light rays, while the latter penetrates it in the form of cosmic vibrations. Thus, your aura may be affected positively or negatively.

If you wish to enhance the positive impact of a particular planet or reduce its negative effect, you will have to don a particular gemstone suggested by your astrologer. Furthermore, ensure that it is from a reputed store, such as The precious stone has the capacity to absorb what is good and counteract anything that is bad.

When the necessary changes are brought about in your personality and mindset, you will find long-lasting peace and tranquillity.

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