Astrological Uses of Blue Topaz

  November 11, 2016
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It is possible that if the Blue Topaz gemstone were placed in front of you, you would just ignore it. This is because the raw material is totally colourless or white in appearance, thanks to the presence of fluoride and hydroxide ions, along with aluminium silicate. However, the transformation that is achieved via the skilled hands of a gemmologist will make you gasp with wonder.

Is Blue Topaz the right gemstone for you?

It is perfect for those born in the month of December. This means that you should be a fiery Sagittarian. Do you want to know why? Well, although highly tranquil in appearance, the gemstone possesses fire or heat within it. The name ‘Topaz’ originates from ‘tapas’. Furthermore, the stone is perfectly compatible with the lord of all planets, Jupiter. Towards this end, therefore, your Vedic astrologer should have no hesitation in recommending you to buy Blue Topaz online from a dependable store vedicratna.

When you obtain a good-quality, flawless stone, have it placed on an open-backed, gold ring. The ring with its 3-carat stone is to be worn on the index finger of your right hand. Like every other gemstone, the Blue Topaz must also go through a purification procedure and be worn on a particular day at a specific time. Ensure that it is cleansed regularly via overnight soaking in pure water. The next day, clean the surface with a soft brush.

What are the benefits of wearing Blue Topaz?

At the outset, you should be witnessing healthy changes in the manner of your verbal and written communication. The gemstone acts as a key for removing the lock blocking your vishuddha (throat) chakra. As a result, you should be able to express yourself more lucidly, especially if you are a traveler, writer, businessperson or salesperson. Your thought processes will acquire direction and intelligence.

Similarly, your weak thyroid gland will acquire balance and strength. This should help you grow and develop well.
There is the tendency to award greater importance to sex than to qualities like fidelity and honesty in a relationship. The Blue Topaz will help you realise that bonding should not become stagnant at the physical level alone, but expand to include the mental and spiritual levels too. Thus, you will gain better friends and companions in life.

Other issues, which will get resolved easily, include digestion, metabolism, vision problems, blood circulation, sleep disorders and tendency to get angry soon. You will even find yourself being able to manage stress easily and deal with excess weight.

If you have had the urge to be arrogant, aggressive and greedy earlier, you will take steps to discard these qualities as quickly as possible after donning the gemstone. In fact, these characteristics will be replaced by modesty, humility and lack of greed.

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