Is it Beneficial to wear Navratna

  January 2, 2017
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Amongst the numerous beautiful navratna gemstones discovered worldwide, only nine have received tremendous veneration and admiration in the world of Vedic astrology.

What sets the navratnas apart from other precious and semi-precious stones?

For one thing, each gemstone possesses its own unique personality. This enables it to overcome the challenges presented by the negative cosmic vibrations sent out from any specific planet. Similarly, it also allows it to enhance the positive cosmic energies directed at any living being on Earth.

Then again, every navratna is superbly hued, permitting it to enhance the charm of the clothing worn by the wearer. Even the wearer’s personality takes on a new definition. It is no wonder then that people use these unusual gemstones to make fashion and astrological statements.

To sum up, the navratnas are supremely beautiful, extremely pure in quality and behaviour, possess metaphysical properties and comprehend the human psyche so well.

What are the benefits of selecting a particular navratna?

To begin with, there are two shadowy and invisible planets, known as Rahu and Ketu. They are the north (head) and south (tail) nodes of the dragon in the sky, with a head and a tail, but no body. These planets are horrifically malevolent towards the human race. Their malefic effects tend to last for great lengths of time. Furthermore, they influence all zodiac signs equally, for they practice no partiality.

If you are lucky, your natal chart will reveal a lucky escape from Rahu and Ketu. If you are unlucky, you might find one of them residing proudly in various houses within your horoscope. Your only way out is to purchase an navratna gemstone from a reputed dealer, such as

Planet Rahu may be defeated through the usage of the shining Hessonite, generally known as Gomed in India. Cat’s Eye is courageous enough to withstand everything that planet Ketu dishes out to the wearer.

As for the other zodiac signs, the gemstones suitable for them are listed below.

Planet Mars may be appeased via the attractive Red Coral gemstone. This fiery planet rules over the equally fierce Scorpio-born and the Aries-born.

Planet Mercury loves the bewitching Emerald. Hence, if your zodiac sign is Virgo or Gemini, you should be favouring this precious stone.

Everybody loves the mesmerising Diamond. However, only Librans and Taureans may wear it, for it is a friend of their ruling planet Venus.

Planet Sun governs those born under the sun sign Leo. The ideal stone is the scintillating Ruby.

Planet Moon and the lustrous Pearl are very similar in appearance. They favour Cancerians.

The glittering Yellow Sapphire is meant for the Piscean-born and the Sagittarian-born. The royal planet Jupiter looks after them.

Planet Saturn loves the bedazzling Blue Sapphire. This gemstone is perfect for the Aquarius-born and the Capricorn-born.

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