Hessonite (Gomed): Benefits and Suitability

  July 10, 2019
hessonite astrological benefits

Hessonite is the stone that is worn by people to ward off the ill effects of Rahu. The color of this stone ranges from honey to brown. It is generally not a lustrous stone and costs lesser than other gems, but its efficacy is strong. It is one of the navaratna, and it holds its special place rightfully.

Rahu is a malevolent shadowy planet which is the cause for various illness, ill-temper, abusive-nature, alcoholism, possessions of ghosts. Rahu is greedy by nature, and if placed in a beneficial position, it can give immense wealth to a person. It can make an individual very successful in life.  However, there are many counterfeit products that are being sold and so real Gomed stone with govt. lab certificate must be bought. 

Who Should Wear Hessonite Gemstone?

  1. Rahu tends to rule a person's skin and bones. If you have bone related troubles, you can wear Gomed. Also, if you tend to have rashes or skin diseases, Gomed is for you. 
  2. If Rahu is badly placed in any of the evil houses, which are - 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th, you should wear Gomed. Rahu in these houses give very bad results, and wearing Gomed stone ensures relief from the side effects of Rahu in these evil houses.
  3. If your work requires a lot of physical labor, then you should wear hessonite. 
  4. Kal sarpa dosha is formed if all the planets (excluding ascendant) falls in between Rahu and Ketu. This is malefic dosha in the Kundli that can have a disastrous effect on a person. Wearing Gomed lessens the ill effect of this dosha. 
  5. You can wear a Gomed if you have blood pressure, fatigue, or suffer from distress. 

Astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna

The Gomed Stone benefits magically on its wearer by shooing away many of the problems that are going on in life. It wards off the ill effects of Rahu and gives material gains. 

Here are some benefits of wearing Gomed

  1. Gomed takes away fatigue; it strengthens the body of a weak person. 
  2. Gomed is an excellent stone to overcome adversaries and enemies. If the stone suits you, it will give you good results and make you win any battle.
  3. In the case of immense marital trouble caused by Rahu, this stone will give the persons bliss. 
  4. It also benefits the body by purifying and detoxifying it. You will feel the difference in your energy level and wellbeing after wearing a Gomed. 
  5. Gomed is said to cause great benefits to people who have temperamental issues and begins to fight over trivial things. 
  6. You wish to travel to a foreign land and attain great financial wealth will come true if Gomed suits you and you wear this gemstone.

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