Benefits of Pearl Gemstone and Different Types of Pearl

  January 9, 2020

Pearl stone represents planet moon. It is a soft stone that has 2.5 hardness on the Mohs scale. It is a beneficial stone and is best suited to persons who are born under the moon. It is also the birthstone for people who are born in June. So, if you are a June born, you can wear pearls and see the benefits that this stone does to you. Also, persons who are born under Cancer, Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces should wear pearls. This stone would bring calmness to your mind and make you a more amiable human being.

Different Types of Pearls- The natural Pearl vs. Cultured Pearl

If we categorize it widely, then pearls are basically of two types. i.e., the natural pearls and the cultured pearls. There is no reason to think that cultured pearls are fake. The cultured pearls are real pearl too and have similar effects on a person, but they are just not as costly as the natural pearl.

The main difference between cultured pearls and natural pearls is the initiation of the process of secretion. In the case of the natural pearl, an irritant finds its way into the shell of an oyster naturally. It is the defence mechanism of the oyster that releases several layers of secretion (also known as Nacre) that lead to the development of the natural pearl inside an oyster. In the case of a natural pearl, there are one or very few pearls inside a shell.

Now you might ask, How Cultured Pearls are Grown? Well, the process of growing a cultured pearl is similar. The only difference is the way the irritant is induced. While culturing pearls, humans induce a few irritants within the shell of the oyster. The oyster then activates its defence mechanism and releases nacre, which leads to the formation of pearls. In the case of cultured pearls, there are several irritants induced, which leads to the growth of several pearls inside the shell.

There are different kinds of oysters and mussels that give different kinds, shapes, and colours of pearls. Real pearls and natural pearls are very rare in the ocean and are thus very expensive. Hence the cultured pearls make up for the very high demand of pearls in the market.

Benefits of Wearing Pearls

There is a wide variety of benefit of pearl; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Pearl stone calms down anger
  • Pearl stone increases beauty in the ladies
  • Persons who wear pearls get wealth, respect and comforts
  • Pearls enhance the benefits of the moon on the astrological chart of a person
  • Pearl stone wards off negative planetary effects from the horoscope
  • Pearl gemstone will enhance the memory and recalling powers of a person

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