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  June 11, 2019

Sapphire is a birthstone of September. It is actually a mineral called corundum(an aluminium oxide). It is one of the hardest minerals on the hardness scale. Its usual colour is blue. Corundum can be found in almost any colour of the rainbow. Such as pink, black, yellow, orange, white, purple, blue and clear and translucent. This gemstones in fact are similar to Rubies, but they are not red. They can be found in the ground or found in the large crystal. It is also said that Blue sapphire is a gemstone of Saturn and has strong effect on human beings. Blue sapphire in Hindi is called, ‘Neelam Gemstone’. Getting a clear, original blue sapphire is rare. These are most famous kind and Sapphires have long history.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Stone:

  • It represents September, it symbolises telling the truth and doing what you said would do. Believed that only stone that bring closer to God.
  • It is symbol of religious joy.
  • Many wear this gem metaphysically for protection. It works against any sort of negative vibes, dark magic and also harmful andill-intent. And can be used during psychic or ritual workings.
  • It has been used by kings and queens long time as a symbol of luck, being wise and healthiness.
  • It is believed that sapphire is related to intuition and wisdom. Those seeking for spiritual truth, this stone is considered perfect stone. It is worn to help psychic abilities, meditation and uncovering intuitive.
  • Each sapphire is astrological approved. Sapphire also helps with psychological issues and learning. You can wear it to sharpen your mental acuity and memory retention.
  • It is believed that it brings instant success in the field of business and jobs. It can help to sharpen mental clarity, increase in alertness and focus.
  • It is also worn for healing third eye chakra and the throat. Some of them use it for crystal healing for treatment of inflammation, burns and fever. It is also used to treat skin and eye related issues.
  • People with stone Saturn are very successful, they have unique abilities in them. The western sun sign of blue sapphire is, Libra.
  • It is considered as the stone of realization, realization about humanity.
  • It is worn on middle finger.
  • Since it is considered as most powerful gemstone, some say that it has to be recommended by experienced and qualified astrologers.

Found in Places:

Places where sapphires are found abundantly or mined in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, America and Madagascar. The most costly and beautiful sapphires are shipped form Kashmir, India.

African Blue Sapphire:

African blue sapphire stone is non-treated and non-heated. The blue sapphire is used in all forms of jewellery, like, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The African Sapphire which is unheated and natural are more valuable than heated one, and are considered are of good quality.

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