The best advantage that the pearl can offer you is peace of mind

  October 21, 2016
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The Pearl or Moti is obtained from molluscs residing in the seas and oceans across the globe. The soft-bodied animals are found in the Gulf of Mannar, Gulf of California, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, as well as in the coastal regions of the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean region. Although several websites sell the gemstone, it would be best to buy pearl stone online from

Based upon the kind of mollusc it is obtained from, your moti may be black, white, gray, blue, brown or pink in colour. Its delicate nature is evinced by the fact that the gemstone’s hardness ranges between 2.5 and 4.5. Naturally, it is highly susceptible to scratches, humidity, dryness, temperature variations, sunlight, vigorous rubbing, pressure and acids.

While purchasing moti online, you will discover that its weight is measured in grains, not in carats. One grain of this stone = quarter carat of another gemstone. Thus, four grains of moti = one carat. You will also realize that large-sized and older stones hold greater value.

Can you wear the Pearl?

See if the moon is positioned in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your birth chart. If so, you must buy a natural pearl gemstone online. Similarly, have the astrologer check if malefic planets are residing alongside the moon in your horoscope. It will protect you against evil forces. Newborns and toddlers must receive special attention, for they may face health issues later on.

Procedure to be Adopted for wearing the Moti

The best effects of moon stone will be witnessed when you wear it on the small finger of your right hand. This means that the gemstone (anywhere between five and 10 carats) must be embedded onto a silver ring. Do purify it by dipping it in a mixture of honey, pure water and milk for 30 minutes or so. This process should take place on a Monday morning during Shukla Paksha (first fortnight of any month). The good effects will be visible soon, lasting up to a period of two years or so.

Identifying a Genuine Pearl

A real moti will exhibit tiny blemishes and irregularities; it can never be perfect. It will even reflect light differently, when held at various angles. Then again, if the stone is of top quality, its lustre will be clear and bright. Check for the presence of an overtone. Subtle rose or white tones should show up on the surface whenever light rays strike it. When two genuine stones are rubbed together, slight friction becomes evident. Finally, when you bite gently on your gemstone, you will be able to discover its gritty or rough texture.

What are the Benefits of wearing Pearl?

You will even improve your relationships and self-esteem. Then again, your bodily fluids will not be susceptible to illnesses. The Moon God will ensure that they are always pure and clean.

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