Blue Sapphire to Achieve Huge Success and Fame

  December 24, 2016
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A glance at the Blue Sapphire gemstone serves to convey the impression that there must be powerful magic at work deep within the earth! Otherwise, how are you able to obtain such a wonderfully hued precious stone from ordinary alluvial deposits or igneous rocks?

What will a gemologist tell you about the Blue Sapphire?

To begin with, the splendid shades of violet-blue, navy blue, purplish-blue, light blue, indigo or dark blue may be attributed to the presence of diverse metals and minerals, including cobalt and corundum. You will be glad to know that these colors will never fade from this scratch proof gemstone. Yes, you heard right! This precious stone is among st the hardest minerals across the globe. In case, it is flawed, you will be able to witness a mix of shades, a tainted surface or tiny white lines on the stone.

It is probably due to its glorious qualities that Lord Shani, residing in planet Saturn, loves the Blue Sapphire so much. He advises you to favour this gemstone whenever you need His blessings. The message is sent through a reputed astrologer. The astrologer will then tell you to have the stone embedded onto a silver or gold ring first, before placing it on the central finger of your right hand. You will find the Mount of Saturn at the base of this finger.

How will you achieve great success and fame via this gemstone?

Shani Dev will favour you only if you adhere to a certain Code of Conduct prescribed by Him. Your first duty is towards your parents. You are expected to look after them during their advanced years, similar to the way in which they looked after you during your childhood and adolescence. All elders are meant to be respected and revered. Naturally, you will be the recipient of several blessings.

As you continue to bask in the glory of your elders’ blessings, you will be astonished to discover that you are no longer haunted by unnecessary complexes and fears! In fact, you develop the equanimity to view and accept both, the good and the bad. You are able to build upon your existing relationships and take them to a higher level. As a result, people often come to you for advice. They admire your wisdom, spiritual mindset and tranquil behavior. You are an inspirational and charismatic leader.

Lord Shani loves truthful people. This should not be hard for you, since you are at peace, both physically and mentally. As the evil influences in your life are thrown out, you find it easy to set goals for yourself, take decisive actions, use your intelligence and creativity to their maximum limits, focus on any given task and exercise your intuition as best as you can. You even to love and respect yourself for who you are and what you are.

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