Blue Sapphire: The Only Stone that Can Appease the Malefic Saturn in Your Horoscope

  January 3, 2020

Often when we see the horoscope of a person, we give special notice to the position and placement of Saturn in the chart. We do this to determine whether the person will have a fruitful life or a life full of hurdles. However, if you are a lucky person whom the blue sapphire suits, then it might help appease the malefic effects of the malevolent force of Saturn on your luck.

Who does the Neelam Stone Suit?

If your ascendant lord is Saturn, then the blue sapphire is most likely to suit you. More simplistically, if your ascendant is placed in either Capricorn or Aquarius, then the blue sapphire will suit you. If you have significant placements in either of these two houses, this gemstone will suit you too.

People with Libra, Taurus, Sagittarius, and Pisces as their ascendants can wear Neelam during significant periods of Shani to ease the effects. Persons who have Leo, Aries, and Scorpio as their ascendant should never wear Neelam stones.

Which Neelam Stones are the Best?

Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stones from Sri Lanka mines are considered the best. They are the clearest and gives the best effects. The blue sapphires that come from the Kashmir region of India and Burma are good too.

While buying Neelam, do not cheap out. A Neelam that is not clear or has opacity in the middle is more likely to cause more harm than good. A very high-quality Neelam is clear in the middle, has minimum inclusions, and is well-cut.

Know High Quality Blue Sapphire Colors

To pick up the best quality blue sapphire, you will have to know which colours to seek after. The best and the most prized color of the Neelam is the velvety blue that has a little bit of violet tinge. The medium quality of Neelam stones are generally clear and are medium-deep blue in color. The blue sapphires of low quality will be very dark (almost blackish) in color or too light in color.

Blue Sapphire Price in India

The Blue Sapphire Price depends on its quality. If you want to buy high-quality blue sapphire, then you will have to shell out more money. The price of a decent blue sapphire will be above 7,000 per carat. The price range of blue sapphire varies from 2,500 per carat to 2,00,000 per carat. I would especially advise you to go for a good quality blue sapphire and not cheap out while buying it because a high-quality blue sapphire will have very good effects in very little time. Low-quality sapphires might give mixed results.

However, there are many online stores that get the Neelam stones directly from the source and without any middlemen. So, they can keep the price pretty low. If you get one such trusted online gem-store from where you can place your order to buy Neelam stone online in your budget and still get high-quality Neelam, I would say just go for it, provided it is lab certified.



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