Blue Topaz Gemstone for Protection and Healing

  September 8, 2017

If your astrologer advises you to befriend the Blue Topaz gemstone, it means that you require the blessings of Lord Jupiter or the Dev Guru. Yes, he occupies the exalted position of “teacher” in the astrological Solar System. It also means that you have been born in the month of December, for this precious stone is partial to this month.

Are Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire the same?

No, both are different gemstones, despite possessing the same hues. In fact, if you were to observe the Blue Topaz while it is being extracted from the bowels of the earth, you would just turn your head away! This is because the stone looks so very ordinary, with barely any colours on it, barring a whitish hue. The aluminium silicate, as well as the hydroxide and fluoride ions within the raw material is responsible for its lacklustre and dull appearance. Nonetheless, let it just reach the hands of an experienced gemmologist, and watch the difference! You will be amazed to see the gemstone glowing with an unbelievable radiance! Yes, you are right, has been subjected to gentle irradiation.

Now, it is imperative that you purchase your stone from a reputed dealer, such as Your stone must weigh at least three carats. Have it placed on an open-backed gold ring, prior to making it go through a purification ritual. Your astrologer will provide the necessary guidance. Finally, place the Blue Topaz gemstone on the index finger of your right hand.

How will the Blue Topaz gemstone protect and heal you?

You will be able to regain the health of your blood circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. As a result, you will find your metabolism, vision, insomnia and sleep disorders disappearing like magic! In case, you are overweight or obese, your balanced mindset will find a solution to the problem. This is because the gemstone has ensured that your mind is now free from stress. Above all, you will no longer face life-threatening situations or illnesses.

It is also possible that certain problems in your life are attributable to a weak thyroid gland. Well, do not worry, for the Blue Topaz stone will restore its balanced functioning. Note that the throat chakra or the vishuddha chakra is also found in this region. It could be blocked partially or completely, preventing the display of good communication skills. In case, you are in the arena of business, writing, sales or travel, you are bound to suffer. How will you think, rationalise, or express yourself lucidly in the verbal/written format? Use the Blue Topaz stone to open up the throat chakra. Even your cognitive skills will exhibit improvement.

As for relationships, they no longer centre on physical pleasures alone. You will understand that love should encompass the body, spirit and mind, if it has to remain pure and long lasting.

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