Blue Topaz for Protection and Healing

  December 26, 2016
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Blue Topaz is the best friend of the December-born. You will receive the blessings of Jupiter, the Lord of all Planets. A ruler will not let his faithful subject’s prayers go in vain. Through the activation of the universal laws of attraction, your deepest desires will be fulfilled.

What are the facts associated with the Blue Topaz?

In contrast to the scintillating Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz looks absolutely dull and lacklustre when first extracted from the earth. It is like any other ordinary stone with barely any colour or possessing a whitish hue. The fault lies with its contents, which comprise of fluoride and hydroxide ions, as well as aluminium silicate. Yet, when you purchase Blue Topaz gemstone online store, such as, you are left stunned by its radiant appearance! Why is this so? The extracted material has undergone gentle irradiation, in order to pull out its inner beauty and present it to the external world.

If you wish to achieve maximum benefits, opt for a 3-carat precious stone and have it studded onto a gold ring. It would be best to purify your ring in Gangajal or a mixture of pure water, raw milk and pure honey, before wearing it. Just soak the ring in the liquid for some time, chanting holy mantras all the time and burning incense sticks. Place it on your index finger on a Thursday morning, after taking a bath.

Does Blue Topaz have healing properties?

Yes, it does!

For instance, despite being a talented writer, knowledgeable traveller, an enthusiastic salesperson or a hard-working businessperson, you do not seem to have progressed much in your chosen field. This is because you lack appropriate communication skills. You are not able to express yourself well. It is imperative, therefore, that the blocked throat chakra or the vishuddha chakra be unblocked or opened completely. You will be able to give vent to your verbal and written feelings superbly. Even your cognitive skills improve.

The gemstone helps your thyroid gland regain its former strength and balanced way of functioning. Apart from this, the gemstone brings about healing of the digestive, blood circulatory and nervous systems. You will be thankful to see your metabolism improve and your problems with vision disappear. Naturally, you will be able to rest well, and no longer suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia. You will gain control over your weighty issues too, since your mind is no longer stressed.

Hitherto, your relationships centred around physical pleasure alone. After befriending the Blue Topaz, your attitude towards the opposite sex will undergo a healthy change. You will comprehend that love can be quite divine; it need not be confined to the physical arena alone. This knowledge will help you in building long-lasting relationships with both sexes.

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