Bring Love and Happiness with Opal Gemstone

  December 29, 2016
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The iridescence of the highly soft Opal gemstone suffices to bring a joyful smile to your face. It is one of the most beautiful and colourful gemstones in the world. Even poets, writers and historians have waxed lyrical about its lucid purity.

Why is the Opal revered so greatly?

This gemstone displays a singular phenomenon known as opalescence. To understand the phenomenon, you will have to probe the structure and composition of this Queen of Gemstones. There is water within the non-crystalline stone, in the form of hydrous silicon dioxide. The internal structure is patterned like a three-dimensional network. The meshwork comprises of tiny spheres. As a result, light rays directed at the Opal gemstone, undergo both, reflection and refraction. This is the meaning of opalescence. Can you even visualise what the scene will look like? You cannot, for it is something akin to magic!

This vivid exhibition of light rays renders the Opal gemstone quite expensive, yet worthwhile to possess. You should go in for this gemstone, if you are a Libra-born or a Scorpio-born. The month of October and Opal gemstone go hand-in-hand. Do not be fooled into purchasing duplicates or fakes by visiting any website randomly. is reputed for handing out genuine precious stones. You will receive a pure and splendid sample. You will be amazed to know that your purchase will not match the purchase of another buyer. This is because no two Opals are ever alike.

How will the Opal help you gain love and happiness?

It could be that you are feeling terribly lazy and lethargic, as well as depressed, unable to focus on any kind of task. Then again, your blood may be filled with impurities, signifying the need for consulting a physician expert in handling blood disorders. It would be good to opt for a Mexican or a Fire Opal with its dark yellow, orange, red or brown hues.

Then again, you cannot feel very happy if your bodily functions are out of balance or you are suffering from a neural disorder. Only the White Opal with its pastel shades will prove useful in restoring your peace of mind. Reproductive disorders experienced by a male may be done away with via the donning of the Black Opal, which displays superb flashes of colourful light rays. Even the intensity of pain experienced during delivery by a mother-to-be, may be driven away with the help of the Opal gemstone.

Sometimes, you are troubled by terrible dreams and incomprehensible fears. Obviously, evil energies are at work here. There is no end to your creativity and spontaneity, especially if you are associated with business, the media or the performing arts. It is the perfect gemstone for boosting your self-esteem to such an extent that you are ready to acquire a new personality.

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