Buy Blue sapphire online a novel gemstone and its benefits

  October 12, 2016
quality, natural blue sapphire

It is a Novel Gemstone

The gemstone is found within alluvial deposits or igneous rocks. Its resplendent colour may be attributed to an alloy of corundum, cobalt and a few other metals. People refer to blue sapphire as a fast-acting gemstone in astrology. Unlike other precious stones, which reveal their effects after a few months or so, Neelam discloses its impact within a few hours of your wearing it.

Several places across the globe are home to the high quality, natural blue sapphire. They include India, China, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Columbia, USA, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania and Australia.

Who will find Neelam Suitable for Wear?

The planet Saturn (Shani Bhagwan) is the teacher of discipline. It is ideally auspicious for Aquarians, Capricornians and Librans. If advised by the astrologer, Scorpions and Virgoans may go for it too. This gemstone is supposed to work in extremes. It may prove either marvellously advantageous or dangerously disadvantageous for you.

What is the Procedure for Wearing Blue Sapphire?

The precious stone must adorn the middle finger of the right hand. This is because the Mount of Lord Saturn is just below this finger. Ensure that the stone is worth anywhere between three to six carats, and embedded in a silver or gold ring. If you would like to avail maximum benefits by wearing neelam, make sure that it is soaked in a mixture of pure water, milk and honey for at least half an hour or so, beforehand. You should wear it on a Saturday morning (between 5 and 7 am). This particular Saturday should fall within the first fortnight of the month, that is, Shukla Paksha. If your astrologer advises, replace the stone after four years.

Identify the Real Gemstone

If you buy blue sapphire from, you will observe that it is flawless. This gemstone cannot be scratched, since it is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. It does not change colour when dipped in milk for 24 hours. If possible, go for a heavily transparent stone, which is of a lighter shade than the common dark-blue. Use a soft brush and mild soap water to cleanse it.

Blue Sapphire offers Several Benefits

After you buy a certified blue sapphire online and wear it, Lady Luck decides to smile upon you. She brings you prosperity, promotional opportunities, etc. As your creativity and imagination scale higher limits, you find yourself becoming more intuitive and intelligent with regard to your decision-making abilities. Lethargy is replaced with enhanced concentration, mental clarity and goal-setting abilities.

Over time, you learn to accept both, the good and the bad, with equal equanimity. You make it a habit to meditate and seek to know yourself. Even your health improves, for unknown complexes and fears are put to rest. Your metabolism improves. You are vital, happy, energetic and charismatic. Above all, you remain well protected against jealousy, envy, evil, etc.

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