Buy Gomed online and defeat the negative power caused by rahu

  October 13, 2016
gomed gemstone

It may be hard for you and me to understand exactly how, but gemstones do have the power to create magic, or spread havoc, in our lives. One such precious stone is the Hessonite, otherwise known as Gomed, Gomedak or Gomedhikam.

Gomed is all Powerful

This member of the grossularite garnet family is deeply revered in India. It has the strength to counter the adverse effects caused by Rahu, a malefic and invisible planet. Negative qualities like filthiness, aggressiveness, laziness and delay in completing tasks may be defeated through the powers exhibited by gomed gemstone, which is available at a cheap rate too.

The colour of natural hessonite gemstone is hard to define. On the surface, it appears like glorious golden honey. When observed from diverse angles, it takes on shades of light to deep red, light to deep brownish yellow, or reddish chocolate. Good quality hessonite abounds in India, especially at the Gaya mines in Bihar. The gemstone may also be obtained from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and Brazil.

Conditions Governing the Wearing of hessonite

If Rahu dominates your third, sixth, eighth or twelfth houses, you will find the advantageous. If you are a Virgoan, you had better buy gomed gemstone, for you are strongly influenced by Rahu. Librans and Taureans receive auspicious benefits through Hessonite too. People with the sun signs of Leo or Cancer had better stay away.
There are some precautionary measures to be borne in mind, after purchasing hessonite garnet gemstone online. Be careful of your dietary habits and sleeping regimen. They must be healthy. Refuse to give in to ‘temper’ at the slightest provocation.

How should you wear Hessonite?

Embedded on a silver ring, the 7-carat gemstone should touch your skin. Ensure that it is placed on the central finger of your working hand. The good effects remain for three years at least. Keep the ring dipped in undiluted milk or Gangajal for some time, prior to wearing it. Do this on a Friday night during Shukla Paksha (first fortnight of the month), for it is to be worn on a Saturday morning (nearing sunrise). After taking it out, chant “Aum Rahave Namah” 18 times. Now, wear it.

How can you recognize a Genuine Stone?

It would be best to opt for noble, naturally occurring and untreated gemstones. When you look at the stone from diverse angles, it should reveal a marvellous symmetry. The movement of light across its facets should be splendid. In short, your hessonite should exhibit flawless lustre, clarity and brilliance. If you are wondering where to buy, do buy gomed online from

Gomed is the Right Choice for You

The planet, Rahu may cause you to become a victim of cheating, black magic, alcoholism, illusions, thefts, adultery, poisons, etc. It keeps you protected against personality disorders, mental ill health, physiological issues (cancer, psoriasis, slow metabolism, etc), substance abuse, confusion, disillusionment, snakes, evil influences, and so on. As your mind acquires greater clarity, you will gain in confidence and vitality. You are bound to achieve monetary benefits, physical charisma and power, especially if you are associated with politics, the army, the police force, law or journalism.

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