where to buy blue sapphire aka neelam gemstone

  February 7, 2019
where to buy blue sapphire

Is neelam gemstone a popular buy in the gemstone market?

Neelam is a blue coloured gemstone. It represents Saturn. Gemstone neelam should be either worn in gold or in silver. If you do not know what colour is sapphire blue, then you should know that sapphire and blue colour are synonymous. Sapphire gemstones are available in hues starting from light to dark. It can be an answer to various questions as well as troubles that you have faced or will be facing in your life. So after a proper analyzing of birth chart, an individual is usually recommended this gemstone. The neelam gemstone is related to Saturn and only works best when it complements the wearer. It should always be worn carefully to avoid some of its side effects.

Should you allow anyone to wear your neelam gemstone?

An individual who will be wearing blue sapphire must be very careful of not letting someone else wear it. It will cause a lot of disasters as well as setbacks. Always be aware that a particular gemstone is closely related to an individual’s natal chart. The weight of the gemstone along with planetary positions is linked with one another. So if anyone else will wear blue sapphire then it will cause too much disturbances in the way of the advantages that neelam stone will produce.

Is it essential to wear the neelam gemstone properly?

The neelam gemstone should be worn properly and the gemstone must be well studded in a ring or bracelet that will wear. If the stone is loosely fitted then it will not touch your skin and thus it will bring negative effects. Try to wear original as well as correctly certified gemstone. You should know where to buy blue sapphire from as fake and synthetic sapphires will cause disastrous results. If you are also aware of the sapphire stone price, then you will be able to compare the price, understand whether it is a genuine product and then purchase it. Due to this, issues related to the eyes, health and financial problems will occur. So if you decide to wear neelam gemstone, you should carefully source the correct stone, fix the stone correctly in a ring as well as wear the gemstone as prescribed by an expert astrologer.

Should you buy heated or unheated neelam gemstone?

You should always buy natural unheated blue sapphire because it is rare, beautiful as well as valuable. Whether the gemstone glows or sparkles, it is used in various jewelleries as it is eye pleasing. Synthetic stones will never have any subtle variation along with uniqueness that real neelam gemstone will have. They might look great but they are not rare or valuable. Just because of the scarcity of neelam gemstone along with its beauty, we are captivated by this beautiful gemstone. Because of its natural colour as well as clarity if unheated it is rare and highly valuable than the artificial or heated ones. But you should remember that neelam gemstones that are unheated are becoming very uncommon and becoming rare as time is passing by.

A fine neelam gemstone will satisfy each and every expectation of how a gemstone must be such as very rare, remarkably beautiful as well as valuable in all sense. 

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