Check for the Best Yellow Sapphire gemstones on Vedicratna

  October 11, 2017

It glows like the sun, lustrous and radiant in its appearance! Yes, we are indeed referring to the precious Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Thanks to the aluminium oxide present within it, the gemstone acquires such bright hues. This gemstone is valued for its good looks, as well as the healthy astrological benefits it offers.

How will you gain by befriending the Yellow Sapphire?

One of the benefits of Yellow Sapphire gemstone is improvement in relationships. Let us suppose that all your efforts to find that one ‘perfect’ partner, who can bring bliss into your personal life, are going to naught. Your gender does not matter. The gemstone bestows an added attraction to your personal aura, such that people of the opposite sex automatically feel drawn to you! The harmonious bonding between your spouse and you will remain throughout life, despite the occasional turbulences that may crop up unexpectedly!

With regard to your career or business, you may expect yourself to become so confident and fearless that you welcome the opportunity to tackle challenges. No one, and nothing, can disturb your composure. As a result, all your decisions will prove fruitful and enable you to grow spiritually, physically and mentally.

How do you check for the best Yellow Sapphire gemstones?

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to purchase an authentic gemstone from an authentic dealer, such as, and forget all about it! Nonetheless, it should not hurt to have knowledge about identifying an original gemstone.

At the outset, look at your stone keenly. Do you find an X on its surface? If the answer is in the affirmative, you are holding a synthetic stone in your hands. True, anything extracted from the bowels of the earth, is bound to possess some inclusions, but they will be minimal in quantity. Similarly, see if bubbles are present underneath the surface. If yes, your stone is a fake.

A genuine Yellow Sapphire will remain unchanged even if soaked in raw milk for 24 hours. When you place it on a white cloth and hold it high above your head, its facets will reveal a marvellous display of golden-yellow hues. If you are wondering where to find the Yellow Sapphire gemstone, look for it in the mines of Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The best ones are found in Sri Lanka and much sought after by gemmologists and astrologists.

When you obtain your gemstone, ensure that it weighs three carats or more. Have it placed on an open-backed silver ring, prior to making it undergo a purification ritual on a Thursday morning. Since it is the stone of Dev Guru or planet Jupiter, you must wear it on the index finger of your right hand. This is how you should use the Yellow Sapphire gemstone, for the best results.

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