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  October 13, 2016
emerald precious gemstones

The panna, pachu, mercury stone or emerald enchants, not only with its magnificent appearance, but also with its influential powers! It may surprise you to know that, over the centuries, several bloody wars have been fought just to own these magnificent precious gemstones.

Its name originates from a Latin word, that is, Smaragdus (green gem). Folklores and legends stress upon the stone’s mythological, secretive and supernatural powers, as well as its ability to keep its wearer eternally young.
The emerald originates from one of nature’s most expensive stones, that is, beryl. Beryl is as expensive as a diamond is. It is beryl’s purest extraction. Apart from the Cleopatra Mines (Egypt) and other mines in Africa, several regions of Asia and Europe engage in large-scale extractions too. The mines of Zambia and Scotland yield gems of superb quality. Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) is a globally renowned gemstone cutting market.

Who does the Emerald Love?

Buy panna stone, if your birth history is governed by number five (5, 14 and 23). Mercury is a lucky planet for sun signs like Virgo, Cancer and Gemini.  Since it behaves like a tranquilizer for a disturbed mindset, wearing this gemstone will bring serenity, wisdom, the ability to reason and the gift of prophecy. Weak Mercury in your horoscope will make it difficult for you to keep yourself physically and physiologically healthy.

How do you wear the Emerald Gemstone?

After having the panna embedded in a gold or silver ring, dip the ring in a mixture of milk, pure water and honey for 30 minutes or so. You may even move lighted incense sticks over this mixture, in circular motions. Do chant mantras dedicated to Buddha Dev (Mercury), such as, “Om Bram, Brim, Braum Sah Buddhaya Namah”. Wear it on your smallest finger, between 5 am and 7 am on a Wednesday that falls within the first fortnight of any month.

Do you know if your Gemstone is Genuine?

If you buy emerald online from, you may rest assured that it is a genuine stone. You will know via its transparency and beautiful green colour. True, you may buy green panna  stone elsewhere too, but it may not prove to be exactly what you seek. The green should be light or dark, without any black dots suddenly showing up on it. Your astrologer may advise you to replace the stone after three years.

The Advantages of Donning this Gemstone

As mentioned earlier, do buy a certified natural emerald gemstone and wait for the positive effects to follow. To illustrate, your memory, communication skills, concentration, analytical skills, intelligence and verbal skills develop to a tremendous extent, permitting you to reach the top of any profession that you desire to follow. Yours is an attractive personality, impressive to others! You love to dispense wisdom and good advice, as well as help others, thereby building long-lasting relationships. Above all, your immunity will be strengthened, thereby reducing your vulnerability to allergies, illnesses related to the nervous and respiratory systems, etc.

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