Co-relation between Doshas and Vedic Astrology

  January 5, 2018

Ayurveda is an extremely ancient form of healing that has been prevalent in India for years and years! Its practice is in alignment with Vedic traditions, as described in the Ancient Hindu scriptures. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the practice of Vedic astrology and the practice of Ayurvedic medicine are well bonded with one another.

What does Ayurveda study, in order to initiate healing?

Practitioners of this form of medicine grant great importance to the three doshas. They are kapha (elements of earth and water), vata (element of air) and pitta (element of fire). In general, it seems easy to recognise the prevailing dosha.

For instance, a person with the kapha dosha predominant in him/her appears slow and corpulent, since he/she is a typical foodie! This individual displays a thoughtful and calm disposition.

In contrast, the vata-type of personality is thin or slim in appearance, highly susceptible to cold. This individual finds it difficult to concentrate, since he/she is possessed of a restless disposition, which is eager to have all needs satisfied rapidly. Even while eating, generally at irregular hours, this person chews less and swallows more.

A person with pitta dosha tends to possess a well-balanced physique, but not such a well-balanced temperament! His/her tastes incline more towards a busy life and action, rather than towards food.

Which planets and zodiac signs are connected with each dosha?

People born under the sun signs of Pisces, Taurus and Cancer are supposed to possess kapha dosha. It follows, therefore, that the primary ruling planets of this dosha are Jupiter and Venus. The secondary rulers are planets Saturn and Moon.

People born under the zodiac signs of Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn and Libra are dominated by vata dosha. While planets Rahu, Saturn and Mercury are the primary rulers, Venus is the secondary ruler.

People born under the sun signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Leo are victims of pitta dosha. Their primary rulers are planets Sun, Ketu and Mars, while their secondary ruler is planet Jupiter.

Vedic astrology refuses to take Uranus or Neptune into consideration.

How does a Vedic astrologer figure out the individual’s constitution?

It may seem rather complicated to you, but the astrologer knows how to go about the whole process. This individual looks towards the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant sun sign, to figure out your constitution. To illustrate, suppose your ascendant is Aries with pitta dosha. The lord of this ascendant is planet Mars. In turn, if Mars is present in Scorpio, a pitta sign too, then the astrologer decides that your constitution is of the pitta type. Similarly, other factors such as planets in the first, which planets are present in the sixth house, where the lord of the sixth house resides, the position of the moon and the strongest planet in your natal chart, are all taken into consideration too.

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