The Connection between Hindu Vedic Astrology and Gemstones

  November 2, 2016
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Vedic astrology has been in existence for over 4,000 years. This spiritual knowledge was brought into being by high priests/rishis/seers, whose natural eyes and transcendental vision saw more than the ordinary individual’s did. Together, they introduced the world to knowledge about the Science of Light or Jyotish Vidya. (Jyot = light; Ish = Science; Vidya = knowledge).

What exactly is Vedic astrology based upon?

This discipline suggests that human beings are affected positively or negatively by individual planetary motions, as well as interplanetary positions in the skies, for an entire lifetime.

In accordance with Vedic astrology, the Solar System comprises of nine planets. The seven visible planets include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The remaining two are invisible. They are Rahu (ascending lunar node or the northern end of the dragon with a tail) and Ketu (descending lunar node or the southern end of the dragon with a tail). If you could observe the skies from Earth, you would see the solar and lunar planes intersecting at two points. These are the nodes.

All these planets, similar to stars, emit powerful, albeit diverse amounts of, energies. Thereby, they create equally powerful electric, thermal and magnetic fields. The planets direct colourful cosmic rays (energies) towards the Earth. These rays travel through space and influence living creatures, directly or indirectly.

How does Vedic astrology connect to gemstones?

Keeping the above points in mind, it becomes possible for knowledgeable astrologers to scientifically map the location of diverse planets during the time of your birth and on the day of your birth. These positions may be favourable, unfavourable or half-and-half in nature. Hinduism believes that the bad or good actions and activities undertaken during your previous birth are responsible for the planetary positions in your current birth. This is the Theory of Karma.

You are advised to go in for specific remedies, to avoid suffering. These remedies may be in the form of prayers and rituals, yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic medications, gemstones, etc. Vedic astrology professes that gemstones are the best way to tackle life’s adversities. You may obtain genuine specimens at

What are the benefits of planetary gemmology?

For instance, red Ruby represents the fiery sun and white Pearl is linked to the cold and serene moon. Mercury is represented by Emerald, Venus by Diamond, Mars by Red Coral, Jupiter by Yellow Sapphire and Saturn by Blue Sapphire. Rahu prefers Hessonite, while Ketu prefers Cat’s Eye. When you wear the designated gemstone on a particular day of the week, you grant permission for the absorption and reflection of cosmic rays, as well as vibrations to occur. As long as the precious stone remains in contact with your skin via a ring or pendant, you will continue to experience significant and profound changes taking place in your body and life.

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Vedicratna and Gemstones