How to Decide what Form of Gemstone should I Wear

  January 17, 2017
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Do not ever expect life’s journey to be free from diverse trials and tribulations. After all, you must experience the bad to enjoy the good. However, you can take certain steps to mitigate the adverse effects caused by the entry of unwanted situations/circumstances. One of them is to consult a reputed astrologer and find out which form of gemstone is most suited for you.

Should you trust your astrologer?

Yes, of course, you should! Do note that this individual has studied the Ancient Scriptures, that is, the Vedas. They are the foundation of Vedic astrology. The astrologer has also been able to fathom the mysteries of your natal chart, including the effects of your ruling planet on your existing life.

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Are your reasons for wanting a gemstone, clear?

Give a little thought to the feedback about your horoscope. Then again, ponder over what your life has been like since the day you were born. Have you been able to fulfill all of your life’s goals? Have there been sudden obstacles popping up at odd times, when you fully expected everything to go through smoothly? If the answers are in the affirmative, and you believe that someone has been sent by the divine to help you.

Why should you go to a gemmologist?

Few people are aware that a jeweller and gemmologist are different. The former could not care less about the astrological benefits bestowed by precious stones, especially the Navratnas or the nine Jyotish gems. This person is only concerned with fashioning glorious ornaments, even fit for royalty. The latter, on the other hand, is able to sense something more about the aura generated by every gemstone, and what it can do for your own aura.

You will comprehend by the way this expert focuses on the four Cs, which are colour, cut, clarity and carat. They reveal the authenticity and natural beauty of the untreated gems. Furthermore, a genuine gemmologist will never hesitate to provide you with a certificate of approval from an authentic gems-testing laboratory.

Are you able to sense a connection between the precious stone and yourself?

Soon after wearing your chosen gemstone, you should be able to feel a deep bonding with it. In fact, you will hesitate to remove it from your person even for a short time! This is because the stone radiates cosmic energy, which is unseen, but easily felt if you have faith. The cosmic vibrations received from the astrological Solar System are captured by your gemstone and transferred to your body. Sometimes, the connectivity is established even before you actually purchase the stone. Your mind urges you to possess this particular shade of your selected stone, and you are helpless.

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