Difference between Western and Vedic Astrology Gems

  December 20, 2016
gemstone and astrology

Like a majority of people across the globe, you would like to be certain of your future too, wouldn’t you? After all, it is hard to be completely objective and rigidly scientific, when it concerns the happiness of your family and self.

What are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology?

Unlike Western astrology, which is supposed to be just 2000 to 3000 years old, Vedic astrology originated around 5000 to 8000 years ago. While the former was developed by Babylonians and Greeks, the latter derives its wisdom from the Vedas, Ancient spiritual texts of Hinduism.

Vedic astrology grants importance to the positions and interrelations of the planets and stars in the skies. Since the Earth rotates on its own axis, as well as revolves round the Sun, the relationship between them is of no great significance. This is because rotation and revolution bring about changes in the equinoxes (an equinox occurs when day and night are equal) by at least 50 seconds every year. In turn, a single day is shifted once in 72 years. Naturally, even the sun signs will become affected. Their dates will have to be shifted by a day too. Since this is not followed, people consider Vedic astrology more accurate in its predictions, as well as deeper and wider, since it focuses on the past, present and future.

Western astrology focuses on the relationship between the Earth and the sun. The sun forms the centre of the Solar System, and is therefore, most important. Even the equinoxes are granted greater value. Spring is considered the beginning of the year, not January 1. Therefore, Aries becomes the first sun sign. Western astrology is more concerned with the human psyche than the prediction of future events.

What are the primary gemstones in Vedic astrology?

  • Aries – red coral
  • Taurus – diamond
  • Gemini – emerald
  • Cancer – pearl
  • Leo – ruby
  • Virgo – emerald
  • Libra – diamond
  • Scorpio – red coral
  • Sagittarius – yellow sapphire
  • Capricorn – sapphire
  • Aquarius – sapphire
  • Pisces – yellow sapphire
  • Rahu – hessonite
  • Ketu – cat’s eye

What are the primary gemstones in Western astrology?

  • Aries - bloodstone, red jasper, garnet, carnelian
  • Taurus – rhodonite, diamond, quartz, rose quartz
  • Gemini – jade, green tourmaline, emerald, green aventurine
  • Cancer – moonstone, blue chalcedony, agate, pearl, mother of pearl, opal
  • Leo – ruby, turquoise, tiger eye, amber
  • Virgo – peridot, emerald, green adventurine, green tourmaline, jade
  • Libra – malachite, peridot, chrysoprase, white topaz, quartz
  • Scorpio – tourmilated quartz, aquamarine
  • Sagittarius – yellow onyx, yellow topaz, citrine
  • Capricorn – black onyx, hernatite, obsidian, jet, navy blue sapphire
  • Aquarius – labradorite, garnet
  • Pisces – lepidiolite, amethyst, sugilite, mother of pearl
  • Rahu – hessonite
  • Ketu – cat’s eye

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