Differences between Astrology Gemstones and Synthetic Gemstones

  December 21, 2017

The Navratnas are more admired by people interested in jewellery, for they serve to enhance the good looks of any item adorning diverse parts of the human body and face. However, Vedic astrologers have found them to be extremely essential for resolving all manner of problems besetting the human psyche, soul and body.

What are the special features of astrological gemstones?

Around seven of these Navratnas are extracted from deep within the bowels of the earth, via mining equipment. They include Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. The remaining two are obtained from the depths of the seas/oceans. They are the Pearl and Red Coral. 

Now, these gemstones cannot be used directly as they are, without undergoing some gentle treatments at the hands of expert and experienced gemmologists. In other words, they take care of the four Cs. To begin with, these individuals do not interfere with the original physical and chemical compositions of the raw materials. Towards this end, they take recourse to dependable tools to award proper cuts to every gemstone. As a result, the stone acquires excellent clarity and shape. This means that its varied facets become capable of reflecting and refracting light rays. Polishing ensures that the colours remain visually appealing. No artificial shades are added to a natural stone. Finally, a price is fixed to the gemstone, in accordance with its weight/carats.

Since you are keen to acquire astrological advantages, make sure that you purchase your precious stone from an authentic dealer. There are several offline and online dealers advertising their wares, but you would do well to go in for a well-known establishment like vedicratna.com.

What are the special features of synthetic gemstones?

Now, if there is one disadvantage to purchasing genuine gemstones, it is the pricing. They tend to be rather expensive in comparison to artificial gemstones, depending upon their weight and appearance. Therefore, gemmologists go in for synthetically manufactured gemstones at times, in alignment with customers’ demands. Towards this end, they obtain precious stones from laboratories, which use special equipment to create synthetic replicas of the original Navratnas. In fact, you may find it extremely hard to distinguish between the real and the synthetic, since you do not know much about the four Cs.

Synthetic rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc, are available in plenty, for they are highly popular across the globe. Nonetheless, it is not possible for gemmologists to reproduce every kind of precious and semi-precious stone in this world! There are more than 80 of them! Then again, they may even go in for harsh treatments on real gemstones, which depend upon the usage of chemical processes, laser techniques, heat treatments, etc. Thus, natural gemstones acquire the quality of treated gemstones. Whatever is the case, just remember that you desire to have access to cosmic/astrological rewards. Therefore, opt for a genuine gemstone at all costs.

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