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  August 12, 2019
blue sapphire price

People worldwide know the effects of blue sapphire. It is one of the 4 priciest gemstones in the world, the other three being Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. This gemstone is worn by people who have strong effects of Saturn in their charts or people who are have a bad aspect of Saturn in their horoscope.

Additionally, persons who are of Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants should wear Blue Sapphire as it is the gemstone for Saturn, which is their ascendant lord. Persons of Libra or Taurus ascendants can wear Neelam too. However, if you have Leo or Cancer ascendants, consult an astrologer before buying Neelam.

Colors of Blue Sapphire
If you are searching for a good quality Blue sapphire, then you must first see its color. High-quality blue sapphire colors are generally bright blue, and they are clear. Also, these sapphires are most active and are very clear with minimal inclusion. 
While buying blue sapphire, you must be extra careful as a bad quality blue sapphire can cause disaster. Stay away from stones, the core of which are hazy. Also, if a stone is broken from inside, it can cause serious adverse impact.

Blue Sapphire Price in India
As we have mentioned before, blue sapphire is one of the costliest stones. The price of Neelam can range from 700 to 95000 per carat. We would recommend that you stay away from the low-quality ones. Blue Sapphire Price depends on its quality, and so, it is best to buy blue sapphire of at least medium quality, which costs at least 4000 per carat. 

Where to Buy High-Quality Blue Sapphire in Your Budget
It is best to buy Neelam stone online. But for that, you will first have to search out a trusted online gem store where you can purchase certified Neelam. Further, if the store is really, you can as well place your order to buy Neelam stone online in your budget as these stores keep giving discounts from time to time.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stones from Sri Lanka mines are the best among all Neelam. These stones are rich in color and clear. They are mid-range Neelam and can easily fall within your budget. So, if you want a Blue Sapphire that works within your budget, it is best you buy a Ceylon Neelam. 

How to Know if Neelam Suits You
If you are skeptic about the suitability of a Blue Sapphire, you should test it first. Do not wear blue sapphire as soon as you buy it. Cover this gemstone in a blue cloth and place it under your pillow when you go to sleep at night for three days in a row. 
If you have nightmares or face minor accidents, then Neelam is not for you. If everything goes normal, then you can wear the stone on a Saturday evening after chanting Shani Mantra facing the west direction.

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