Do Gemstones have Healing Properties and how do they Work?

  November 16, 2016
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Why are gemstones believed to have healing properties?

Scientists have always advocated that all matter, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form, is essentially energy. Energy always expresses itself through invisible vibrational patterns. Yet, they do impact the aura that surrounds your body. You should be able to comprehend that something positive or negative is happening within your physiology, psychology or soul, via your responses to situations, people, etc.

Now, when you are stressed out or disturbed, what do you do? You take recourse to positive thoughts, prayers, meditation, etc. It may astound you to know that all these optimistic measures that you take cause alterations in the energy vibrations within your inner and external selves.

Well, it is the same with gemstones too. Every mineral and crystal possesses a different kind of energy and therefore, exhibits a different vibrational pattern. These vibrations are capable of penetrating the electrical, thermal and magnetic fields surrounding human beings. When you embed a particular gemstone on an open-backed ring and wear it always, you permit its cosmic vibrations to penetrate your skin. Naturally, diverse parts of your emotional, physical, spiritual or/and mental anatomy are affected.

How does each gemstone work on you?

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Here are a few examples of how certain gemstones reveal their effects.

The sparkling green rays of the Emerald serve to heal several illnesses related to your mind and body.

The brilliantly hued rays of the red Ruby ensure that you never lack for courage, strength, passion, love or open-heartedness.

The scintillating white rays of the Diamond help you improve your lucidity in communication, self-confidence and intelligence.

With the help of the lustrous blue rays emitted by the Blue Sapphire, you should be able to replace negative thoughts with wonderfully positive ones.

The royally purple rays of the Amethyst aid in enhancing your spiritual feelings and faith in religion.

The charming blue rays of the Aquamarine create greater clarity related to intimate relationships by reducing feelings of pain and confusion, and increasing kindness.

The delicately pink rays of the Rose Quartz help you possess balanced emotions.

The brilliant yellow rays emanating from Citrine bestow great energy and power upon you. This will help you complete all laborious tasks to perfection.

The pleasant orange-coloured rays of the Carnelian ensure that your innovation and creativity obtain an outlet.

Your creativity finds a wonderful outlet, thanks to the orange-coloured rays given out by the Carnelian gemstone.

The splendid green rays given out by Jade help you to relax and find peace of mind.

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