Effects and beneficial of wearing tigers eyes stone

  October 14, 2016
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The name, Tiger’s Eye, creates the impression that it is something to be revered, but also feared. Then again, it is as mysterious as it is powerful. It follows that the effects of stone must prove wonderfully beneficial to the wearer.

It Commands Admiration and Awe

During Ancient Times, it was believed that the all-knowing and all-seeing eye could help the wearer to keep away from evil influences, gain good fortune and become prosperous.

The tiger’s eye gemstones shone through the eyes of the statues of Ancient Egyptian deities. Egyptians believed that these divine ‘eyes’ would protect their land through Geb (God of the Earth) and the Heavens through Ra (Sun God). The Romans used these gemstones to deflect weapons bravely, while involved in battles. They were supposed to be symbols of just use of power, courage and integrity.

When you order tiger’s eye online, you will discover that it is made of rich layers or stripes of brown and gold. The colours may be attributed to silicon dioxide crystals found within metamorphic rocks. These rocks are found in Brazil, China, India, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Korea, Burma, South Africa and Namibia.

Will Tiger’s Eye Suit You?

If you are a Geminian, this gemstone will prove highly beneficial for you. However, if you are governed by a different zodiac sign, consult an experienced astrologer before wearing it.

The uniqueness of this precious stone is associated with the Kundalini energy located at the base of your spine. This energy is stimulated into moving upwards. Ultimately, it leads to spiritual enlightenment, thanks to the initiation of sensible actions and promises. You will be in a state of self-awareness and bliss.

How will you wear the Tiger’s Eye?

Check tiger’s eye gemstone prices on vedicratna.com, before purchasing it from somewhere else. You can this gemstones at cheap rates, without their quality being affected. Ensure that the silver ring with the gemstone studded onto it, is soaked in pure water overnight. The dipping gets rid of toxic energies. Wait for the sun to rise on a Monday, which falls during Shukla Paksha (the first fortnight of any month), prior to wearing it on your ring finger. Never rub it against hard surfaces, for it might be scratched. Always wipe it with a soft cloth.

How will you recognize the Tiger’s Eye?

You will recognize this gemstone through its iridescence. The lights reflected off its surface appear marvellously radiant and warm. You become aware of the synthesizing frequencies of the Earth and the Sun, which link the physical and the spiritual realms. A reliable website will help you understand how to buy online.

How is Tiger’s Eye Advantageous for you?

The stone effects may be witnessed through the healing of broken bones, wounded tissues, skin disorders, mental disturbances, and so on. Thus, it takes care of your physiological and psychological problems effectively.

By stimulating the first three chakras, this gemstone ensures that solar energy moves towards the ground. As a result, you remain grounded to the Earth, enhancing your confidence, self-dignity, optimism, courage, vitality, etc. You learn to balance well between two extreme forces, thereby increasing your spirituality and tranquillity.

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