Emerald Gemstone Best for the Successful Love

  January 30, 2018

Very commonly called as the Green stone, Emerald is one of the nine gemstones used by people. This stone is know for successful love. The color of this gem stone is usually Green in color but you also be able to find it in any different colors like white and red as well. Its colour itself is very attractive and apart from that, this gemstone emerald stone belongs to planet Mercury. This planet is known as the prince of all the nine planets.

How to Wear green emerald gem for confidence?

When you are wearing any gemstone, you will be able to see positive effects of the gemstone and also some kind of negative effects as well. The reason why you will have to face the negative effects of the stone is you are not wearing it in the right way. It is very important to make sure that you find out the right procedure to wear this gemstone. Any astrologer can help you and at the same time, you can read below about how to use the gemstone.

  • The weight of the gemstone is very important just like any other gemstones. The weight of Panna Gemstone for Spiritual benefits has to be 3 rattis, 6 or 7 rattis maximum
  • You will have to use metals silver or gold only.
  • You will have to wear the right on your little finger of the right hand.
  • When you are making any kind of gemstone, you will have to make sure that the gemstone touches the skin in order to enjoy the effects of the stone.
  • You will have to wear the gemstone on Wednesday only.
  • You will have to dip this emerald ring in cow milk or ganga jal for at least 10 minutes before you wear it on your finger.

Selecting the right gemstone:

There are so many stores where you will be able to buy Natural Panna Ratna. This is a gemstone that is easily available. But you may not be able to check which is original gemstone and which is duplicate. It is very important to check them before you buy as using duplicate gemstones will give bad effect on the body. So, here is how to choose high quality Emerald:

  • You should take the stone in your hands and hold it in your hand for some time. The stone which is making you feel warm is the natural and original gemstone.
  • You should not go for an emerald stone which is heat treated.
  • Always make sure that the colour of the gemstone is deep in colour.
  • The Emerald gemstones which are oval in shape are said to be the original gemstones.

In order to avoid all this problems and get the best in your hands, you should always choose a certified seller of the gemstones. 

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