Emerald Stones : Its Price and Who Should Use It

  April 15, 2019
Colombian emeralds stones

Emeralds are green gemstones that are worn to awaken the positive powers of mercury in a person's natal chart. Emerald is considered the prettiest colored stone by many women, and it is for this reason, it is used extensively in jewelry as well. It is also one of the four most prized stones, and so it has high value in the market.

Who should wear Panna stone?

In the Vedic astrology, emerald is the stone forMercury or Budh. Mercury is a planet that has control over our thinking, communication, business, education, and presence of mind. If it is adversely placed in your chart, you can wear an Emerald.

Panna stone benefits people with Taurus (Vrishaba) and Gemini (Mithun) Lagna. You can also wear emerald if you have an Aquarius ascending. However, as mercury is inimical to Mars and Moon, people with moon or ascendant in Aries or Cancer, should always consult an astrologer before wearing an Emerald.

People who have a very good position of mercury can wear this gemstone for harnessing the best results mercury can give. It is the best career stone and can give astounding success to students and people related to the professions that mercury governs, such as lawyers, journalists, etc.

Note: Mercury is not compatible with Mars or Moon. It is for this reason that you must consult an astrologer before you wear an emerald along with a natural pearl or red-coral.


What are the benefits of wearing emerald?

The efficacy of this gemstone depends on emerald quality. Columbia is called the ''emerald capital'' of the world, and Colombian emeralds stonesare considered the best and have a bright color to them. Authentic and certified emerald gemstones will give you the following benefits; -

  • A good quality emerald gemstone will augment your intellectual progress. It will give you clarity of thoughts and the ability to express your ideas publicly.
  • One of the emerald stone benefits is, It will open new horizons for your creative thoughts and ideas.
  • In the field of medical astrology, emerald is recommended to people having allergies, and nervous troubles.
  • If your concentration wavers, emerald is the gemstone that can make you a focused person.
  • A Panna will not only soothe your nerve, but will also bring you out of an emotionally challenging- situation.
  • Natural and certified emeralds work wonders for people who have speech trouble. It helps in boosting a person's confidence and curing speech difficulties.


What is the price of Panna or Emerald?

Good quality emeralds for sale will cost you between 5000 INR to 45000 INR per ratti. Panna stone price can be as low as 900 per ratti, but the higher the price, the more the benefits of this stone. For this gemstone to show its benefits, the weight of the Panna should be between 3 ratti to 7 ratti.

Method of Wearing Panna

  • You can set your emerald in a ring carved out either of gold or silver.
  • You should put on the ring on the little finger of your working hand.
  • You should wear an emerald ring on Wednesdays
  • You must wear the ring early in the morning for best results.
  • Chant the budhbeej mantra while putting on the ring.

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