Ensure Success in Competitive Exams with Emerald Stone

  December 23, 2016
panna stone emerald

It is good to work hard right from the beginning of the term. It is equally good to request divine blessings. You have been doing both all your life. However, every examination still brings on an onslaught of anxiety and fear. Maybe, you should try something different this time. Pay a visit to a reputed online dealer like vedicratna.com and purchase a spellbindingly beautiful Emerald gemstone.

How will this precious stone help you with your studies?

Now, do not be under the impression that merely wearing a gemstone and praying for success is going to help you sail through board exams, competitive exams, etc, with relative ease. You definitely need to study hard too. However, the Emerald gemstone provides help in other ways, such that your task becomes easier.

The astrological planet governing Emerald is Mercury. In case, the position of this planet in your birth chart is weak, you will find yourself disturbed, both physically and mentally. It is as if evil forces are working against you. When you befriend this lustrous gemstone, you will discover how wonderfully your powers of verbal and written communication improve. You will not find it hard to reason, perceive or analyse, since you are able to stay focused on anything that you read or any task that you wish to complete. With tremendous improvement in your memory power, you will be able to recall things easily. In short, you will find yourself firmly fixed on the pathway to intellectual progress.

How should you wear this scintillating Emerald gemstone?

Purchase a genuine gemstone from a well-known gemmologist, such as vedicratna.com. It may be studded onto a silver or gold ring. Once you obtain the ring, you will need to put it through a purification ritual. Make a mixture of pure water, raw milk and pure honey. Place the ring in this mixture. Leave it for half-an-hour or more. If you wish to, chant some holy mantras while circulating burning incense sticks over the solution. You may request your astrologer to help you with the chanting. Ensure that this process takes place between 5 am and 7 am on a Wednesday morning. This day should fall within Shukla Paksha (the first fortnight of every month). When you are through, place the ring on the index finger of your right hand.

You will witness changes in your personality, such as the advent of a serene temperament and wisdom. Relationships with family members and people outside the family prosper. You may even acquire the gift of prophecy and intuition, which helps you to keep evil influences at bay. Naturally, when you step into your chosen career, these qualities will help you scale great heights. You will even achieve financial stability, thanks to your vigorous and positive mindset.

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