Exuberant Benefits Of Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstones!

  March 14, 2020

Prominence of gemstones is seen throughout the years and right from the ancient times strong results are being seen over the years. In just one look you will be charmed with its magnificent beauty. Mangal grah stone Red Coral Moonga gemstone represents vitality, energy and ambition. The genuine Red Corol gemstone derives from oceans and sea. According to astrology, this gemstone signifies god of war Mars. There are various beliefs to donning up this beautiful stone as it enhances confidence level and brings in several Natural Moonga gemstone benefit like:-

  1. If in daily life person is feeling lethargic then Red coral gemstone will help it cutting down this feeling and bringing in self activeness.
  2. When you buy precious Red coral gemstone from Vedic Ratna it can get you out of mental depression and can bring in self esteem to wearer.
  3. It is helps in overcoming anxiety, nervousness or fear from enemies. It will bring positive results. When you wish to know the gemstone is for which rashi then this is a birthstone for people born in March, April, October and November. Red coral gemstone can also be worn according to one’s birth chart. Even if a person is willing to have professional success in life, then gemstone is highly recommended even it will bring in immense benefits of promotion too.
  4. This gemstone even aid a lot in purifying of blood and problems like boils or acne.
  5. Moonga stone astrological uses are if person is having Manglik dosha then to keep things smooth this gemstone is recommended.
  6. If couples are facing problems in married life then to overcome obstacles using this gemstone benefits is suggested.
  7. Pertaining to professions like Army, Defense, Police, Doctors, Realty business and weapon manufacturers can gain a lot from this gemstone help.
  8. It is also recommended for people who are facing a great lot of issues in being single and not able to find a good partner.
  9. As mars are also known as the planet of fire, it helps in cutting down the black magic and will help you to keep protected for longer period of time.
  10. If there is any kind of financial trouble happening in life, then Moonga mars gemstone is known to open new doors of life and bring you to that high end positive results.

Top notch ways on How to Indentify Genuine Moonga Gemstone:-

  1. The best way to do this if you find the surface rough or having granules under the magnifying glass, then consider that this is fake gemstone. Real Red Coral Gemstone has always plain and smooth surface.
  2. Get a piece of raw turmeric and rub it on the Red coral, if it is found that the turmeric changes colors then Red coral is fake and if it remains the same consider it to be pure.

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