Facts about Blue Sapphire gemstone in Vedic astrology

  November 14, 2016
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The colour blue sapphire is an all-time favourite with most people. It conjures up images of tranquil waters, calm skies and everything pleasant and nice. Furthermore, it displays several shades, such as light blue, dark blue, navy blue, indigo, purplish-blue, violet-blue, etc, especially when associated with astrological gemstones or jewellery. In fact, you are welcome to choose hues in alignment with your mood!

What is the significance of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone in Vedic astrology?

Now, one can easily understand people’s fascination with jewellery comprising of these sparkling and beautiful gemstones. However, the Aquarius-born, Libran-born and Capricorn-born often testify that wearing silver or gold ring with a Blue Sapphire embedded onto it, brings about marvellous changes in their quality of life. Even the harassed Virgo-born and Scorpio-born may experience changes in fortune, if advised by the astrologer to wear such a ring. Nevertheless, you may not depend upon zodiac sign alone. Always, always, ask a reputed astrologer to advise you correctly before opting for Blue Sapphire a precious stone.

If you are wondering why, please note that the Blue Sapphire is associated with planet Saturn, generally referred to as ‘Shani’ in Hindi. Despite being the slowest-moving planet in the astrological Solar System comprising of nine planets, he is much admired as a tutor of discipline and a lover of truth. If you fall short of his grace, you may rest assured that your life will be miserable. If you earn his benevolence, your life will be wonderful.

The glorious hues of this fast-acting gemstone may be attributed to alloys comprising of cobalt, corundum and other metals found within igneous rocks or alluvial deposits across the globe. You will be happy to know that the raw material is scratchproof and colourfast. It is one of the hardest minerals in this world. If you desire a flawless stone weighing anywhere between three and six carats, displaying no tainted surfaces, dual shades or white lines, purchase the Blue Sapphire from a reliable store like vedicratna.com

Once you obtain your gemstone, put it through a purification process and place it on the middle finger of your right hand. The Mount of Saturn rests just below this finger. Do this on a Saturday morning, between 5 and 7 AM.

What will you gain by wearing this Blue Sapphire gemstone?

For one thing, you will be amazed to discover how much your mental abilities have improved. You begin to excel at decision-making, innovation, exercising your imagination and creativity, goal-setting capabilities, using your intuition and focusing on various tasks.

Even your physical health improves, as your fears and complexes magically disappear. Your relationships take on a new meaning, as you learn to accept the positive and the negative with perfect equanimity. Over time, you will develop into a charismatic leader, someone who possesses wisdom, tranquillity and a spiritual mindset. Above all, you will live long!

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