Gemstone according to your Kundali

  December 22, 2016
Kundali reading and gemstone

Kundali is known by several other names too, such as birth horoscope, natal chart, birth chart, janam kundali and janampatri. Your kundali is specific to your personality, for it is created during your entry into this world. An experienced or reputed astrologer acquainted with the mysterious nuances of the Vedic astrology system prepares it and also suggest gemstone.

What is the importance of kundali in Vedic astrology?

Like every other individual on this Earth, you are born at a certain time and on a certain date. The astrologer takes note of these aspects, as well as observes the position of the planets in the eastern horizon, while preparing your natal chart. Vedic astrology has its own Solar System. It comprises of nine planets. They are Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Even the interplanetary reactions also play an important role in charting out your horoscope. Your kundali suffices to grant you an in-depth insight into your innate qualities, relationships, employment, behaviour, financial stability, health status, events that have occurred in your life earlier, predictions about the future, your potential for progress, etc.

It is important for the astrologer to know the Ascendant/Rising sign at the time and date of your birth. Towards this end, the local mean time at your place of birth is determined first, before performing specific calculations to arrive at your Ascendant sign. This Ascendant becomes the first or most important house in your birth chart. The remaining houses (there are 12 of them) are granted numbers too, albeit in an anti-clockwise fashion. Their respective positions indicate how strong or weak they are in their hold over your life. You may consider these 12 houses as akin to the 12 signs of the English zodiac. As the nine planets move through these houses during your life span, they direct their cosmic energies towards you. Each planet’s cosmic vibrations may affect you positively or negatively, or remain neutral in attitude towards you.

What is the link between your kundali and diverse gemstones?

Note that heavenly bodies alone are not responsible for whatever is happening in your life. The good and bad deeds (karma) that have followed you into this birth from your previous life’s journey also influence your current life. Malevolence may be reduced, while benefits may be increased with the aid of astrological gemstones. Take your astrologer’s advice.

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Vedicratna and Gemstones