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  September 15, 2017

The term, ‘Kundali’ is quite familiar to Hindus, since they generally use it as the sole basis for matchmaking. Sometimes, it is referred to as janampatri, janam kundali, natal/birth chart or horoscope. However, when is this Kundali created? It comes into being, after an experienced Vedic astrologer observes the happenings in the skies during the process of your birth.

How does the astrologer know what should go into your horoscope?

Now, when you are born on a specific date and at a particular time, the nine planets of the astrological Solar System are seen to be in certain positions in the eastern horizon of The Heavens. Another noteworthy observation relates to how the planets stand in relation to one another. The third point taken into consideration, relates to which zodiac sign/path is seen to be at the highest position in the skies. After all, every planet moves through these paths, during its lifetime. This becomes your Rising/Ascendant sun sign. The astrologer performs a verification process too, by noting the local mean time and following it up with some mathematical calculations.

The Ascendant sign becomes the central figure in your natal chart. The positions of the other zodiac signs are noted down too, albeit in an anti-clockwise manner. Every sign is granted a number. You will see them labelled as ‘houses’ on your horoscope. As the nine planets traverse these paths, they emit cosmic energies. Some will influence your life strongly, while others will not influence it too much. Some vibrations remain neutral. Whatever is the case, you will be able to comprehend everything through life’s joys and turbulences.

Why does the astrologer suggest a particular gemstone for a particular Kundali?

When the astrologer notices that your life and bodily aura are being affected by the presence of positive and negative cosmic energies, he/she suggests some remedies. The major remedy refers to the befriending of a particular Navratna (nine gemstones). Ensure that you purchase it from a genuine dealer like

•           The sparkling Emerald is perfect for the sun signs of Virgo and Gemini, who are governed by planet Mercury.

•           The glowing Ruby supports the Leo-born, who is ruled by planet Sun.

•           The scintillating Blue Sapphire is for Capricornians and Aquarians, since they are influenced by planet Saturn.

•           The beautiful Diamond favours Librans and Taureans, since it is the best friend of their ruling planet, Venus.

•           The lustrous Yellow Sapphire, as well as the Sagittarius-born and Pisces-born, are ruled by planet Jupiter.

•           The charming Red Coral is for Arians and Scorpions, who are governed by planet Mars.

•           The splendid Pearl is the best friend of planet Moon and the Cancer-born.

•           The exotic Cat’s Eye and the attractive Hessonite are capable of appeasing planet Ketu and planet Rahu, respectively. These planets are impartial towards all sun signs.

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