Gemstone Suggestions for Good Luck -

  January 4, 2018

It may seem rather unbelievable, but Navratnas or the nine gemstones award all kinds of marvellous astrological benefits to those, who befriend them. However, some of them prove to be more valuable than others are, as far as bringing ‘good luck’ is concerned.


Considering, that, it is linked to a planet like Mercury, which possesses a quicksilver character, the bewitching Emerald should prove the perfect stone for you. It will bring into your personal and professional lives via transmission of cosmic vibrations into your body, mind and soul! You will find that your powers of communication and intuition are increased, along with improvement in memory, intelligence and creativity.


It is possible that you are being hounded by the shadowy, invisible and extremely malevolent planet Rahu. Therefore, get hold of the glowing Hessonite as quickly as possible. The gemstone will aid in stimulating the seven chakras lying alongside your vertebral column, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. You will outdo everyone at interviews. You will shine in your personal, as well as professional life. If you were a businessperson, you would do well to place the precious stone inside your cash box. You may place it next to your cash register too, or have it hung from the ceiling directly over it.

Red Coral

This bright gemstone is a close friend of the fiery planet, Mars. Therefore, it should help to restore your motivation and courage, such that challenges no longer faze you. Your newborn qualities will ensure that you bring stability into your career/business. Over time, you should be able to acquire great fame, material happiness and social success.


Similar to the Red Coral, the scintillating Ruby is a symbol of power, courage and recognition. If you desire to emulate the example set by planet Sun, the gemstone’s ruler, strive to be passionate about whatever you do. Be calm and balanced in mindset, permitting your creativity to soar to the maximum. You should soon find yourself enjoying prosperity, independence, social recognition and professional favours.

Cat’s Eye

This is the only gemstone that can appease the malefic and shadowy twin of planet Rahu, which is planet Ketu. Ketu can prove to be a terrible influence upon your life, making you feel as if you are surrounded by evil forces all the time. When you take the help of the bedazzling Cat’s Eye, you will find that you have psychic abilities that will warn you of impending dangers. The intrusion of divine knowledge will help you comprehend the mystic forces surrounding you, and take necessary action. As your energy and creativity are restored via the removal of obstacles, your fortunes definitely take a turn for the better.

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