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  September 26, 2017

Not every Navratna can guarantee you success in everything that you undertake in your life. Some of them just happen to be more energetic and lively, in comparison to the others. You must befriend these gemstones. However, they must be genuine, not synthetic or fake. Therefore, make your purchases from, a well-reputed, online store.

How will the gemstones of planets Rahu and Ketu prove beneficial?

These gemstones are the glowing Hessonite and the magnificent Cat’s Eye. They are the stones of Rahu and Ketu, respectively. Considering, that, both these planets are shadowy, invisible and evil, you do need powerful protectors at the ready. Not only do they destroy your domestic happiness, they bring about turbulences in your professional/business life too.

In case, planet Rahu is troubling you, Hessonite will take up the responsibility of restoring the balance of your body, mind and soul. Towards this end, it will stimulate your ‘sleeping’ chakras running parallel to the spinal column. The healthy effects will show, in the form of a magnetic and confident personality. In turn, you will be able to progress in your career or business. Get a second stone and place it in your cash box.

The malefic effects of planet Ketu may be destroyed via the Cat’s Eye. With the return of your energy, creativity and spiritual wisdom, you will be able to handle professional or business affairs with great zeal. You may even find yourself becoming psychically intelligent, capable of interpreting the meanings of mystical/divine happenings in your life!

What benefits will you receive from Ruby, Red Coral and Emerald gemstones?

The Ruby is as lustrous as the planet Sun, which is its best friend. Would you like an illustrious career or a profitable business? This gemstone will ensure that you acquire the right kind of motivation and a passionate mindset for fulfilling your life’s goals. You will be able to work in a balanced and calmer manner, obtaining help from people in higher positions or working in governmental agencies too, if necessary. Prosperity and fame should soon be yours for the taking!

Reputed as the Prosperity Stone, the charming Red Coral is governed by planet Mars. The planet expects you to exhibit diligence, courage, determination and motivation at all times. This gemstone will help you to achieve these goals. Over time, you should be socially, personally and professionally healthy and wealthy.

The Emerald is indeed entrancing to behold! However, it is not famed just for its beauty, but also for its abilities to awaken a slumbering mind and brain. You will not be able to use an excuse, such as lack of communication skills, any longer, in order to put off important tasks. Memory, intuition and intellect, all receive a tremendous boost! Success in career/business arrives in the form of a positive and peaceful mindset, and financial abundance.

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