Gemstones Suggested for Progressive Growth

  December 9, 2016
suggested gemstones

It may seem rather hard to believe, but gemstone therapy does work, even if the divine science behind this remedy is not easy to comprehend. Keeping this aspect in mind, you should consult a well-qualified astrologer prior to selecting any kind of precious stone to embed on a silver, gold or copper finger ring.

You may not be aware of it, but on the day and time that you were born, the astrological planets were positioned in a specific way in the eastern horizon. The eastern horizon is important because the sun rises in the east. These positions also determine your particular zodiac. Additionally, all the planets interact with one another in specific ways. Using this information, the astrologer prepares your birth chart. A detailed perusal of this horoscope permits the expert to suggest the ideal gemstone for your personal and professional growth. However, be sure to obtain your preferred stone from an authentic gemmologist. One such genuine store is

What gemstones can you wear, in order to progress in your profession?

Now, you could be a student, research scholar, teacher, professor or academician. Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj, which is linked to planet Jupiter, can help you excel in your area of work by improving your communication skills and knowledge.

Diamond is the gemstone of planet Venus. It is associated with the media, movies and television, arts, entertainment, automobile business and tour operations. This planet offers rewards in the form of luxurious comforts, name and fame.

If you are a businessperson handling other types of businesses, such as electrical machinery, iron, liquor, copper, etc, you should favour Blue Sapphire. Planet Saturn has a soft corner for those who abide by a specific code of conduct, respect elders and are honest.

If you have a good head for finance (business, banks, insurance, income tax, tax consultancy, sales tax, etc), you should go to buy Emerald online the gemstone of planet Mercury. This is because your powers of perception, analysis, reasoning and communication are bound to improve. You will even achieve rapid promotions in your chosen field.

The Emerald is meant for you, if you are a lawyer. Even the Hessonite (linked to planet Rahu) will suit you, just as it suits politicians. These gemstones will encourage clarity in thinking, renewal of a zest for life and healthy decision-making.

Victory over enemies and protection is achieved via the Red Coral, associated with planet Mars. Wear it if you are in the police forces or the armed forces.

You will be successful in conducting operations if you go in for the Red Coral and Cat’s Eye (linked to planet Ketu).

In case, you are an orthopaedist or work in a government office, buy Ruby Online, associated with planet Sun. You will gain name, fame and prosperity.

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