Gemstones Suggested for Various Occasions

  January 3, 2017
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Every gemstone is akin to a celebrity. Its popularity waxes and wanes according to personal likes and dislikes, seasonal changes, occasions and fashion trends. However, amongst the 80+ gemstones that exist on this Earth, four remain timeless and ageless. They are the Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Emerald. They may be worn for any and every occasion, and all the time.


It is the hardest gemstone on this planet, as well as the most mesmerising. It is no wonder then that it is a favourite amongst women! The sparkle emanating from it is magical indeed! Although the gemstone is available in various shades of colour, such as blue, yellow, red, etc, the colourless variety is more popular amongst people.

It is apt that this gemstone is linked to the planet of luxury, beauty and splendour. This planet is Venus. If your astrologer has indicated that you should be wearing this gemstone, you are indeed lucky. You will succeed tremendously in life, provided you work with honesty and diligence.


The gemstone of planet Sun is vibrant in its reddish hues and breathtakingly beautiful to behold. The qualities associated with this gemstone include passion, courage, love and sensuality. Therefore, it makes for an ideal anniversary gift, especially on your 15th, 18th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Now, Ruby is meant to enhance your confidence and charisma. Naturally, you will find yourself becoming more focused on your tasks and life’s goals. Keep the gemstone with you at all times, for it will keep evil influences at bay. Over time, you will reach the zenith in your personal and professional lives, similar to the sun in the sky.


Which coloured Sapphire would you like to wear, for it is available in diverse shades? You may opt for blue, yellow, green, white, pink, purple, black, gray or multi-hued. However, the Blue Sapphire is the most popular.

Associated with planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire can bring you extreme success or extreme harm. If it becomes your friend, however, there will be no looking back. You may expect your lethargic habits replaced by alertness, focused behaviour, healthy decision making abilities and deepening of creativity. Apart from this, you become inclined towards spiritual awareness and meditation. Thus, your overall wellbeing is not in question.


There can be nothing so deeply mysterious, yet rich in appearance! The Emerald has fascinated everyone over the centuries, including royalty. It continues to do so, even today.

Emerald and planet Mercury are good friends. As a result, it will enable you to recover from ailments related to the respiratory system, nerves, allergies, etc, quickly. As for your mental health, it will improve rapidly. You are intelligent, skilled, focused and possess a good memory. Naturally, people are attracted towards your charismatic personality. They love to receive wise advice from you, and are even keen to build long-lasting bonds.

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