Why Gemstones are being Worn according to Zodiac Sign

  December 31, 2016
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If you have been harbouring the notion that the scintillatingly beautiful Navratnas (nine gemstones) are only valued as jewellery items, you would be badly mistaken. These precious stones have the ability to resolve diverse types of physiological and psychological issues, merely by their presence in your life. Therefore, consult an experienced astrologer and request suggestions regarding your horoscope. When you obtain the desired advice, purchase your gemstone from a reputed gemmologist, such as vedicratna.com.

What is the link between Vedic astrology and the Navratnas?

Vedic astrology is founded on the spirit of the Vedas, Hinduism’s Ancient Texts. It is actually known as the Science of Light, since it focuses on the impact of light rays being sent towards Earth from the cosmos. The rays have a negative, positive or neutral effect on every living being on our planet, especially human beings. Here, cosmos does not refer to the entire universe, but only to the astrological Solar System, comprising of nine planets. It includes Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, Rahu and Moon.

Your astrologer will be able to tell you how these cosmic energies affect your lifestyle, your thought processes, your attitude towards self and others, your general behaviour, emotional balance and so on. A remedy for resolving various issues is offered in the form of a divine gemstone. Have the gemstone studded onto an open-backed ring, permitting it to remain in constant contact with your skin. Over time, the aura surrounding your body becomes wonderfully impermeable to any kind of bad influences.

Your specific gemstone is decided in alignment with your birth chart. This birth chart has been designed in accordance to your date and time of birth, planetary positions in the skies and interplanetary relationships. This is how a particular Navratna and the sun sign associated with it become known.

  • Planet Mercury – It adores the bewitching Emerald. This is best for the Virgo-born and the Gemini-born.
  • Planet Mars – If you are a Scorpio-born or Aries-born, go for the shining Red Coral. This planet listens to its advice.
  • Planet Saturn – The glorious Blue Sapphire is best for Aquarians and Capricornians, since they are governed by Shani Dev.
  • Planet Venus – It is the best friend of the bedazzling Diamond. The stone suits the Libran and the Taurean.
  • Planet Jupiter – A royal planet needs an equally royal gemstone like the Yellow Sapphire. It is best for the Pisces-born and the Sagittarius-born.
  • Planet Ketu – A malefic mindset that harasses every zodiac sign may be controlled by the mesmerising Cat’s Eye.
  • Planet Sun – It is befitting that it goes for the glowing Ruby, since both are similar in characteristics. It suits the Leo-born perfectly.
  • Planet Rahu – No zodiac sign is safe from it. Befriend the charming Hessonite.

Planet Moon – If you are a Cancer-born, the lustrous Pearl is best for you. It is the best friend of this planet.

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Vedicratna and Gemstones