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  October 14, 2016
natural opals for sale online

There are natural opals for sale online. Around 90% of them will be of Australian origin (New South Wales and Southern Australia). The rest are obtained from USA (Nevada), Brazil, Slovakia, Hungary, Indonesia and Turkey.

Possessing a chemical composition of hydrous silicate-di-oxide, this gemstone feels comfortable in low temperatures. You may place an online order for opal and obtain the colour you want. Black or dark-coloured displays vibrant flashes of a range of colours when held against white light. White upala displays pastel hues when light passes through it. Crystal upala is colourless, refracting light rays that pass through it. Fire or Mexican opal reveals an orange, brown, red or yellow background. The water or jelly upala is colourless, semi-transparent or transparent.

Who will find the Opal Beneficial?

If you have been born in the month of October and have Libra or Scorpio as your sun sign, you will have access to the benefits of wearing this gemstone. Do note that the planet Venus governs this gemstone. It should be placed in the first, second, seventh, ninth or tenth house. Avoid this stone if Venus governs the third, eighth or twelfth houses.

How will you wear the Upala?

Ensure that your 7-carat It is embedded in a silver ring. Purify it in Gangajal or pure water for some time. Wear it on a Friday morning, on the little finger of your right hand. Keep chanting “Om draam dreem droom saha shukraya namah” throughout. Never place this gemstone in a dry or an extremely hot area, for it contains water. It will crack and lose its shine. Sudden changes in temperature can lead to dehydration, dryness or aging. Do not perform vigorous activities while wearing this ring, for upala is scratched easily.

How will you know that it is a Genuine Opal?

The colour is pure, revealing that there are no impurities present. Then again, the gemstone has marvellous clarity, especially when untreated by chemicals or heat. You will be able to obtain the best opal gemstone online at If you are still sceptical, you may compare this gemstone prices online. Do note that being different from other gemstones, Its cost per carat is dependent upon its pattern, size, body type, thickness of colour bar, brilliance, play of colour, body tone, polish, cut and visible faults.

What are the Advantages of wearing an Upala?

It is associated with grace and charm, romance and sensuality, luck and good fortune, and creativity. If you are in a field like the performing arts, business or media, you should benefit immensely. Your kidneys, endocrine system, nervous system, etc, will remain healthy. Thus, you come across as a charismatic, innovative and lively individual.

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