Health Benefits of Precious Original Gemstones - Vedicratna

  September 21, 2017

If you feel that the Navratnas can award you mere astrological benefits and nothing more, you are sadly mistaken! These nine gemstones take charge of everything that occurs within the internal depths of your body, influences your bodily aura from the outside and affects your mental health.

Can mere stones cause such heavy impacts on your life?

Yes, of course, they can! You may not be able to see it, but your body is enclosed within something known as an ‘aura’. As the cosmic energies from the skies strike it relentlessly throughout your life, you encounter all kinds of circumstances, both good and bad. As a result, your moods and feelings keep changing, affecting your personal, professional and societal lives.

Admittedly, you would not like this kind of a scenario to continue. Therefore, you consult an experienced Vedic astrologer, who advises you to purchase a lustrous gemstone. However, do ensure that you are dealing with an authentic and honest shopkeeper. Towards this end, you should consult, since they have been in this field for years. Look at your Navratna after completing the purchase. The facets reflect and refract white light beautifully. They create a kind of radioactive effect, wherein all the evil influences are driven away from your aura, before they can do further harm.

Does each Navratna have a special influence on your health?

Yes, it has!

•           Hessonite is the gemstone of the evil and shadowy planet Rahu. Forging a friendship with it will bring you a healthy appetite, vitality and overall wellbeing.

•           Cat’s Eye is associated with another shadowy and evil planet, Ketu. Use it to drive away mysterious illnesses.

•           Diamond is the best friend of planet Venus. Your reproductive system regains its vitality. Even the endocrine and integumentary systems will feel rejuvenated.

•           Ruby is aptly associated with planet Sun. Therefore, it ensures that you never suffer from fever, rheumatism, peptic ulcer or gout.

•           Blue Sapphire is the only Navratna that can appease planet Saturn, thereby bringing back your mental clarity, concentration, tranquillity, healthy metabolism. Women may expect infertility issues to be reduced.

•           Emerald and planet Mercury are good friends. Therefore, you may expect your memory, cognition, intuition, intellect and communication skills to improve.

•           Pearl is linked to planet Moon. It takes care of problems related to your heart, lungs, vision, mind, brain, and memory, uterus, sleeping patterns, marital life and sexuality.

•           Yellow Sapphire is the favourite stone of planet Jupiter. Your immune system will receive a tremendous boost. Your marital life will be healthy in all aspects.

•           Red Coral is a friend of planet Mars. You will never have issues with blood-related disorders, fever, cough, etc.

Every Navratna must go onto an open-backed, metal ring, thereby ensuring that it is in constant contact with your bare skin.

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