Health satisfaction of Various Gemstones

  December 21, 2016
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Everything, including your emotional vicissitudes, physiological processes, beliefs and thoughts, fluctuating levels of energy, etc, is influenced by the cosmic vibrations generated by the nine planets in the astrological universe.

You may not be aware of it, but your body is wrapped within an ‘aura’. This aura has to confront the cosmic rays being directed at it from the astrological universe. You will comprehend by the good or bad things happening in your life at various points during your lifetime. Some changes may be good, while others may be bad. Unless you take some remedial steps to improve your situation by enhancing the good and destroying the bad, you may suffer. Gemstones, purchased from divine shops, such as, will serve to set things right.

As per Vedic astrology, every gemstone reflects lustrous light from its beautiful facets. These rays of light enter your aura in the form of vibrations. This light spectrum will confront unwanted energies and throw them out from your aura. The precious stone also causes radioactive effects, which serve to negate the impact of evil influences on your physiology and psychology. Thus, every gemstone performs dual functions.

How does your health improve through your desired gemstone?

Yellow Sapphire gemstone – This sparklingly lustrous stone is linked to planet Jupiter. It keeps your married life as joyous as possible. It also enhances your immunity, thereby keeping you physically and mentally fit.

Blue Sapphire gemstone – Associated with planet Saturn, this mesmerising beauty ensures that your metabolism, focus, serenity and mental clarity remain intact. If you are a woman suffering from infertility, this stone will take care of the problem.

Red Coral gemstone – The gemstone of planet Mars, the glowing Red Coral will not allow fever, cough, blood-related illnesses, etc, to trouble you at all.

Ruby – This scintillating stone is a friend of planet Sun. You need never fear the advent of rheumatism, gout, peptic ulcer or fever.

Diamond – Planet Venus loves this magnificent gemstone! Your body will be saved from the horrible effects of diseases associated with your integumentary, reproductive and endocrine systems. Sexual power increases too.

Emerald gemstone – This entrancingly mystical stone is favoured by planet Mercury. As a result, your communication skills will improve. With regard to your brain and mind, expect cognition, intellect, intuition and memory to be much better in functioning.

Pearl – A good friend of planet Moon, the beautiful Pearl is responsible for healing issues related to your eyes, heart, sexuality and married life, uterus, lungs, brain, mind, sleeping patterns and memory.

Cat’s Eye – This radiant gemstone is linked to planet Ketu. It will ensure that diverse health conditions or mysterious illnesses cause no harm.

Hessonite gemstone – Associated with planet Rahu, the shining Hessonite improves overall wellbeing, including appetite and verve.

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