Hessonite or Gomed admire its superb symmetry

  December 12, 2016
buy Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite finds a prized place in Vedic astrology, for it challenges the malevolent powers of planet Rahu exceedingly well. If your astrologer suggests that you wear this stone, you will be able to obtain a top-quality Hessonite or Gomed easily. Yes, there are genuine gemologists like vedicratna.com still around, who are eager to be of service to people like you.

Hessonite, the Rahu Gemstone

Your astrologer will know that you are being ‘shadowed’ by this malefic planet, when he/she observes its position in your natal chart. Furthermore, your attitude and mindset suffice to convey that something is deeply wrong in your life. You are excessively lethargic in completing tasks. When hauled up for anything, you exhibit great aggressiveness in your behavior. Above all, you have no hassles in being at your filthiest as far as hygiene is concerned.

It is therefore, of utmost importance, that you buy a certified Hessonite or Garnet gemstone at a discounted price as quickly as possible. You will be able to recognise its genuineness via its glorious colour. It is akin to golden honey. When you hold the stone high in bright sunlight, you are bound to see diverse shades of colour, such as reddish chocolate, deep red, light red, light brownish yellow or deep brownish yellow. You will also be able to admire its superb symmetry, thanks to the well-cut facets. It follows that the stone exhibits flawless transparency and clarity too.

Regardless of whatever colored gemstone you purchase, ensure that it is at least seven carats in weight and studded onto a silver ring. After purifying the ring, place it on the central finger of your right hand. Oh, yes, it would be good to tackle your dietary regimen, habit of becoming irked too quickly and imbalanced sleeping patterns tactfully. They can come in the way of 100% positive results.

Drive away Rahu

As mentioned earlier, planet Rahu can play havoc with your life. Do not be surprised if you find your career or business taking a nosedive suddenly. In fact, even your well-earned reputation may take a severe beating. This is because evil influences are at work. Over time, you may even become addicted to alcohol or other bad habits, due to loss of self-respect and peace of mind. Thus, the best action you can take is to buy the best quality natural Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone from a reputed gemmologist as quickly as possible.

You are bound to witness marvelous changes in your life after donning a ring with Hessonite studded onto it. To begin with, you will get back your self-confidence. It follows that you will recover your vitality and zest for life too. You will find it easy to make clear-cut decisions related to your personal and professional lives. Soon enough, you should find your financial stability and peace of mind restored too.

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