Hessonite wear in Sukhlapaksha Saturday and Get Spiritual Benefits

  February 1, 2018

Hessonite gemstone represents Rahu and is said to be one of the most powerful gemstones like yellow sapphire. Yes, not everyone will have the courage to wear Yellow sapphire as that is having destructive nature and can cause a lot of ill effects on those whom it does not suit. It is for Rahu which means the north pole of the moon. It is also called as the Gomedha gemstone or Dragon’s head as well. It is usually available in Red color but you will also find this Gomedh gemstone in other colors like Green, orange, yellow, Pink, brown, gray, purple as well.

Who should wear Hessonite for Spiritual benefits of Gomedha gemstone?

Persons who are having problems due to the Rahu effect should wear this gemstone. You will have to face the ill effect of Rahu for almost 18 years and hence you will have to look for remedies of this Rahu effect. Rahu rules Gomedha gem and hence those who are looking for a remedy from the Rahu dasha should wear this gemstone. You will see an enhanced levels of positive energy in your life along with clarity on the mental confusions that you had in your life. You will have failures in everything that you, depression and instability in whatever you do. So. buy a natural Hessonite stone after consulting an astrologist and start using it.

How to wear the Hessonite for business enhancement?

You will have to get in touch with an astrologist before you wear this gemstone. Here is some information about how to wear this Hessonite gemstone.

•              The first thing to keep in mind is about the weight of the gemstone that you are wearing. The weight should not be more than 3 carats to 6 carats.

•              The metal that you should prefer for making a ring of this Hessonite gemstone is Silver. This is the best and most powerful metal that can work wonders when combined with Hessonite gemstone. You should try to avoid any other metals like Gold or panchalohas.

•              You will have wear this gemstone on Saturday and that Saturday has to be a Sukhlapaksha Saturday only.

•              You will have to wear the ring on middle finger of your right hand.

•              The ring has to be worn in the early hours of Saturday and between 5 am to 7 am would be the perfect time.

•              You will have to clean the impurities of the gemstone by placing it in a bowl of Honey and Milk or Honey and Gangajal for at least 20 minutes.

Benefits of Hessonite gemstone:

Gomed, wear Hessonite or certified Gomedh stone to ensure positive results and you will be able to see many health benefits due to its usage. Especially, those who are having the problems related to respiration will find it very beneficial.

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