High end Advantages of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone!

  July 13, 2020

Many of the wearer also likes to call it Pukhraj. There are enormous benefits of yellow sapphire Pukhraj and helps in bringing in financial stability. It is considered a birthstone for people who are born in Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant. As Jupiter is considered is heaviest in entire solar system therefore this gemstone has the most deserving place reserved in the world of gemology.

When a woman wears yellow sapphire it brings in marital happiness and bliss to a couple. If a single woman wears a pukhraj then this could help in find the right match. As Planet Jupiter for Yellow Sapphire Pukharaj is also called Brashpati in Hindi, it is proven to bring in auspicious results in multiple ways.

History of Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj

The main natural source of Pukhraj is Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Australia and Thailand. The glowing surface will keep your eyes and mind awe-struck. It is often called with names like pukhraj, Pushkaraj, Pushraja, Peet mani and etc.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj

It should be worn in Index finger of hand during Shukla paksh on Thursday. In order to activate the gemstone it is must to purify it with Gangajal. The right time to wear yellow sapphire gemstone is between 6 am to 8 am. To gain the maximum benefits of gemstone wear it proper rituals. Once you have completed all the procedures, rituals and started to wear ring then donate any yellow item that is edible in nature. It is must that the wearer should consult the astrologer and wear it according to horoscope. It is required to have faith and respect the gemstone in every manner.

Yellow Sapphire in Astrological benefits

Wearing this gemstone brings in better clarity in the minds of wearer and focus in every sense.

As Jupiter is also known as one of the beneficent planet even in case of delayed or obstacle in marriage the yellow sapphire gemstone can be helpful one. It is also known to gain the mental peace. Yellow sapphire also helps in keeping the bonds of strong friendship. Wearing yellow sapphire also helps in protecting from accidental death. A person gets an spiritual inclination after wearing yellow Sapphire.

How to indentify original yellow Sapphire

The authentic yellow sapphire gemstones are flawless and free from any kind of scratches. If there is any kind of bubbles, then this is the sign that gemstone is fake. If taken in hand, the real gemstone should feel the warmth.  If you don’t feel anything then considers being fake gemstone. If you see any kind of x sign on the back then consider it is fake gemstone. Check out for the evenness.  It must to rely only on the reputed virtual store and get proper satisfaction of the every purchase done. On the Moh’s scale the hardness is 9.00.

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