How does Gemstone Work on the Human Body

  November 8, 2016
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Several sceptics refuse to believe that inanimate precious stones can have any kind of effect on an animate living being. Yet, the majority of troubled people across the globe continue to harbour the notion that gemstones take the help of cosmic energy to resolve their problems.

What happens in the cosmos?

Since Ancient Times, Vedic Science has been studying planetary vibrations and their effects on human beings. It states that there are seven visible planets and two invisible/shadow planets in the Solar System. While moving in their respective orbits, they emit both, positive and negative magnetic energies or vibrations. The behaviour of these energies is directly linked to their positive or negative friendships with diverse zodiac signs. The type of friendship depends upon the planetary positions in the skies at the time and date of an individual’s birth. Positivity may be enhanced (when the bonding is strong) and negativity be reduced (when the bonding is weak) with the help of gemstones, and even plants.

Similarly, planetary influences on your life also occur through colour. If you observe white light through a prism, you will witness a rainbow. Rainbow refers to the 7-colour spectrum, which is associated with the visible Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Infra red and ultra violet colours are linked to the invisible Rahu and Ketu.

How do gemstones resolve your problems?

Gemstones are gifts of Mother Nature, possessing their own colours, as well as physical and chemical properties. Medical science has proved that the human body is greatly influenced by the invisible, coloured rays of light emanating from diverse precious stones. Thus, colour treatments serve to resolve your problems, as outlined below.

The charming Blue Sapphire gives out light-blue rays, which aid in the exit of negative thoughts and the entry of positive ones.

The green-coloured rays given out by the sparkling Emerald gemstone serve to heal physiological and psychological issues.

The expensive Diamond is great for enhancing clarity in communication. The shiny white rays are responsible for improving personal intelligence, confidence and lucidity.

The red-coloured rays emanating from the brilliant Ruby gemstone are meant to encourage open-heartedness, love, passion, power and fearlessness.

Aquamarine possesses a beautiful blue colour. By diminishing feelings of anguish, pain and confusion, its rays create clarity regarding intimate relationships. In fact, your powers of affection and kindness improve tremendously.

The purple-coloured rays of Amethyst increases religious faith and spirituality. If your stomach is facing problems, place this gemstone on it, for a rapid cure.

If you desire to balance your emotions and feelings, go in for the Rose Quartz, with its pink-coloured rays.

Bright-yellow rays emanate from the Citrine gemstone. They are helpful for tackling all kinds of laborious work, since they provide great power and energy.

Your creativity finds a wonderful outlet, thanks to the orange-coloured rays given out by the Carnelian gemstone.

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