How to take Proper Care of Your Gemstone

  November 18, 2016
precious gemstone

Vedic astrologers suggest that the effects of a particular gemstone last up to three or four years only. After this period, the impact on the human mind, body and soul gradually reduce. You should go in for a replacement after the stipulated time. Until that time, however, do take good care of your gemstone.

What is an astrological/Jyotish gemstone?

Any gemstone associated with Vedic astrology is referred to as a Jyotish stone. The Sanskrit word may be split up into two parts, that is, JYOT and ISH. The former refers to light or spiritual energy, while the latter refers to God or a Divine Science. Vedic astrologers study the Science of Light/Energy by maintaining a healthy connection with the Divine. This enables them to recommend appropriate stones to people for resolving their physical, mental and spiritual problems

Note that gem therapy demands that your chosen stone be pure (Satvik) and natural in quality. This means that its cut, clarity, colour and carat should receive no interference from artificial treatments. Thus, take care to purchase your precious stone from a well-known dealer, someone like, for instance.

How should you look after your chosen gemstone?

Your stone is studded onto an open-backed ring, isn’t it? Well, this is for allowing a few molecules of cosmic energy to penetrate your skin every single day of your life. However, like everything else, your particular precious stone is prone to attacks from dust or dirt too. Impurities serve to block the path of the cosmic rays being directed at your skin.

Now, cleansing does not mean that you take recourse to harsh detergents, cleansing solutions or ready-made cleaning kits. The best choices are mild detergents or gentle soap solutions prepared from bathing bars/soaps. Moisten a soft cloth with the cleansing solution and move it slowly and smoothly over the entire surface of the stone.

Once you are through, wipe the surface dry with the aid of a soft cloth. Be extra careful with organic gemstones like natural pearl and red coral. Even an Emerald is delicate. You may restore the luster of these stones with the aid of a tiny dab of face cream. Spread it gently over the entire stone.

If the ring is not too dirty or dusty, just pull it to the edge of your finger and cleanse it with a new cotton ear bud. If it is terribly soiled, use the wet bristles of a brand-new, soft toothbrush to clean the surface. The wetness is due to mild soap solution. Next, drag the ring to the edge of your finger. Use plain water to get rid of the dust and dead skin cells collected below the surface.

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