How to Test if Gemstones are working for You

  November 5, 2016
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Right from Ancient Times, several Eastern cultures have emphasised upon the healing powers possessed by rocks, crystals and minerals. Over the years, reputed gemmologists, astrologists and spiritual healers have even offered sufficient proof via explanations and demonstrations to substantiate these claims. Regardless, you may still prefer to have further knowledge.

Does healing have anything to do with the chakras?

If you are wondering what is meant by chakras, well, they refer to the energy centres placed in the midline of your body. This midline stretches from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. There are seven chakras in all, each one linked to one of your endocrine glands. They are the crown, third eye (in between both eyes), throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral (navel) and base of spine (root).

As long as the flow of energy through these energy centres remains free and unbroken, you will have good health, harmonious functioning of all your organ systems and peace of mind. The same theory applies to the endocrine glands too, for they secrete different hormones. Each hormone has specific functions to perform within your body. If they go out of balance, you are bound to suffer, both physically and mentally. In short, the endocrine glands and the chakras must be in perfect alignment with one another too.

As you go through the journey of life, you are bound to face good circumstances, as well as not-so-good or even downright bad circumstances. Naturally, your chakras go out of balance. You may be advised to wear a gemstone of a particular colour to restore this balance. Yes, precious gemstones do have the power to unblock these energy centres or restore their original status. Crystals are utilized even at spa resorts to award soothing massages. This means that therapists do believe in the power of gemstones too.

How do gemstones restore chakra balance?

Each gemstone is associated with a particular planet. For instance, the Ruby governs the sun, while the Pearl takes charge of the moon. Similarly, Emerald is linked to Emerald, Red Coral to Mars, Diamond to Venus, Yellow Sapphire to Jupiter and Blue Sapphire to Venus. Rahu and Ketu are associated with Hessonite for more detail and their price check it on

Every planet emits coloured rays that radiate through the universe via thermal, electrical and magnetic fields. These rays reach living beings on Earth too, and are absorbed by their bodies. Sometimes, the effects of these rays is good and sometimes, bad. This is because they may be compatible or incompatible with your date and time of birth. Only a particular gemstone will be able to negate the evil effects of these rays, or enhance their beneficial properties. The chosen precious stone must possess an inward gleam, as well as the power of illumination. It must be transparent, exhibit a perfect shape, have no impurities and reflect light beautifully.

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