Importance of Wearing a Red Coral Gemstone for Your Rashi Kal

  October 29, 2016
Wearing a Red Coral Gemstone

Gemstones are believed to have spiritual and supernatural powers. This belief has been compounded by the splendid transformations witnessed in people’s lives after donning particular gemstones.

What is Rashi Kal?

Hinduism grants a lot of importance to horoscopes/charts. Towards this end, when you were born, the astrologer had three important charts prepared. These charts were known as Navamansha, Ascendant and Rashi charts.
Without delving too deeply into astrological definitions, just note that Navamansha refers to one-ninth portion (nava = nine; mansha = part/portion) of each zodiac sign. It is also associated with constellations (nakshatra).

When you were born, the date and time of birth were noted. At that particular moment, a specific planet on the eastern horizon (The sun rises in the east) was in the ascending position. This became your ascendant planet or your zodiac sign.

Where was the moon placed in the skies at the time of your birth and on the day you were born? Vedic astrology places the moon amongst the nine planets and regards it as the fastest moving one. Therefore, the moon does have singular effects on your day-to-day life, as well as weekly activities. The Rashi chart is akin to a monthly report card.

How is Red Coral important for your Rashi Kal?

If you are Aries-born, your birth Rashi is Mesha. When Mars is positioned badly in your chart, you will exhibit lack of humility, discipline, self-control and patience. Even your decision-making tendency is rather fickle in nature. Then again, you become accident-prone.

If you are Scorpio-born, your birth Rashi is Vrischika. Unfavourable positioning of Mars in your chart will make you highly aggressive and unforgiving. You may not even hesitate to cause grievous harm to people you consider as your enemies. Similar to the Aries-born, you are vulnerable to injuries and evil forces.

Since your personality needs a makeover, rush to and get a natural Red Coral gemstone online during the first fortnight of any month (Shukla Paksha). Purchase this 5-12 carat precious stone on a Sunday or a Tuesday. Have it embedded onto a copper, gold or silver ring. Prior to wearing it on the ring finger of your right hand, soak the ring in Gangajal or a mixture of raw cow’s milk, pure honey and pure water overnight. The open-backed ring is to be worn between 7 AM and 9 AM on Tuesday. Please chant “Aum bhaum bhaumaye namah Aum” 108 times before or after donning the ring.

The colour, Red, represents fire. In turn, the stone promotes courage, leadership qualities, vitality, enhanced energy levels, destruction of possessiveness and anger, self-confidence and positive thinking. Red Coral also keeps your heart in excellent condition.

Thus, Red Coral is important for your Rashi Kal. Do not ever forget it!

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