Know the Differences and Uses of Treated and Untreated Gemstones

  September 13, 2017

If you desire maximum astrological benefits, you must go in for genuine gemstones only. You want them to influence your life, not your personal appearance! Towards this end, therefore, it is imperative that you learn to differentiate between natural/untreated precious stones and treated ones. The former are available at

What are Navratnas?

You must be aware that barring the Red Coral and Pearl, which are brought up from the depths of the oceans, the other gemstones are extracted from the bowels of the earth. Different precious stones are found in different types of rocks and alluvial deposits, across the globe.

Now, the Navratnas or the nine gems, specifically, are beautiful to behold, even in their ‘raw’ forms. They include the Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Red Coral, Cat’s Eye and Hessonite. True, there are over 80 kinds of precious and semi-precious stones available for human usage, but Vedic astrology focuses only on nine of them. It is for this very reason that these astrologers forbid excessive tampering with the raw materials. Therefore, chemical procedures or artificial treatments may not be brought into play.

What are untreated stones?

The gemstones are forwarded to skilled gemmologists. They ensure that every stone adheres to the four Cs formulae, that is, the cut, clarity, carat and colour, are perfect! It is imperative that the facets are so fashioned that they are able to reflect and refract light rays easily, and to the maximum. The superbly shaped and well-sized stones are then awarded a single or more coats of polish.

Sometimes, a gemstone, such as the Pearl or the Red Coral, for example, may require treatment. This is because the stone does not shine with the brilliance that it should. The gemmologist is permitted to treat, albeit in a minimal way, such that the chemical and physical compositions of the stone remain completely unaltered. Even the optical properties must remain unaffected. As a result, the gemstone will permit powerful cosmic vibrations to enter your innermost depths.

What are treated gemstones?

In this case, the gemmologist goes in for semi-permanent or permanent refinements. They may include the usage of heat, harsh chemicals, dyeing, surface coating, bleaching, etc. Naturally, the original physical, chemical and optical properties of these stones are terribly altered. The idea is to increase the shine, transparency and highlighting of various colours.

Now, this is permissible if they are to be used as jewellery items, but not if they are to be used for divine purposes. You will be able to recognise a treated stone, if the colours begin to fade. This is because the dyes are not permanent in nature. Even the absence of inclusions, suggests that the gemstone has suffered extreme alterations. A natural stone is bound to reveal tiny inclusions. However, these inclusions will not affect the divine purpose of the stone.

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