Know the Specific Gemstones Suggestion for a Chakra Healing

  November 25, 2016
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Certain beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation over the centuries do tend to arouse a certain amount of scepticism in modern times. For instance, it is hard for many to comprehend that minerals, rocks and crystals (collectively called gemstones) possess supernatural powers capable of healing the human body, mind and spirit. It is even harder to understand how they affect the chakras in a positive manner. However, Vedic astrologers have ready answers to your questions.

What are the chakras?

If you place a hand on your back, you should be able to feel your vertebral column. It is situated right in the centre of your body. Therefore, it is known as the midline. It begins at the crown of your head and ends at the base of your spine. Well, this midline is dotted with seven invisible chakras. They are located at strategic points. The first one is obviously found at the crown of your head, while the last one is located at the spine. In between, there are chakras located between the eyes, throat, heart, solar plexus and navel.

These seven chakras are all connected to one another via alignment and flow of energy. If your psychology and physiology are sound, it will mean that your chakras are well balanced. Divine energy reaches every corner of your body, promoting healthy and harmonious functioning of your cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. It will also mean that your endocrine glands, which are responsible for secreting different hormones, are healthy in structure and functioning. However, if you experience physical health issues, mental ill-health or fluctuations of the spirit, it will mean that the flow of energy through your chakras is experiencing disturbances.

How will gemstones help the chakras?

Crystals for healing chakras gemstones have different colours. Each colour is suitable for a particular planet. For instance, Emerald favours Mercury, while Diamond favours Venus. Similarly, Red Coral befriends Mars, Yellow Sapphire loves Jupiter and Blue Sapphire is linked to Saturn. Ruby and the Sun are great friends, just as Pearl and Moon are happy to be together. The planets Rahu and Ketu are more inclined towards Hessonite.

You are not able to witness the cosmic vibrations emitted by planets, but they definitely exist. They move through the electrical, magnetic and heat fields surrounding the Earth’s atmosphere, in the form of light rays. As they touch you, a living being, some of the rays may prove beneficial, and some harmful. Their behaviour towards you is linked to your birth chart. This is why the Vedic astrologer recommends you to wear a specific gemstone. The contact between the gemstone and your skin serves to unblock the chakras that are lying dormant, or even poke them into returning to their original status. In fact, your body is receiving a soothing massage via the gemstone.

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